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Shipping a car? Here's how (and why) to make the right choice | Hagerty Media

I've been on the lookout for a nice, original paint Jeep CJ-5 with the "Dauntless" V-6. For the last five months, I've been scouring Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and the early CJ forums for a good candidate.
Advanced Driver

I used Reliable Summer 2018 to move my Firehawk and GTI from Toledo OH to Savannah GA, and it was a wonderful experience. The biggest issue was timing, as Spring/Summer is the busy season, and it took nearly 3 weeks from booking until pick up...thankfully I had a friend who was able to store them for a couple days, and oversee loading, as we had to leave before the pick up date. My cars even got top deck treatment, due to the fact that they were transporting a Raptor for Ford, to an event in Atlanta, and it was to tall for top deck. After they dropped off the Raptor, they headed to my location and dropped off my time on truck was 48 hours. They even stayed and ate lunch, so they could watch one car, while my wife and I took the other to the house. Total cost was $1,918, and I tipped them an additional $100, because I was so thankful for their services. The drivers name was John, and his wife is his copilot...GREAT PEOPLE. They said they love transporting for people like me, who actually love their vehicles, and don’t just buy at auctions...while drunk...and then forget they even bought....they said it happens all the time! They had lots of good stories.
Intermediate Driver

Hey guys just got another thought on shipping a car. I'm sure you are all familiar with the name Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars fame. He is a guy who is in the know. If you watch his show you will see he uses Intercity Lines. You know his cars are high end. If it's good enough for him....

this summer I'll be sure to look around town for a white early jeep. I know I can walk up and say "Hi Craig." I'll be in the black EB. My motor came uShip from TN for $150 10 yrs ago. (PayPal was 10 or 12 y/o then, uShip 8 or 10)... 8^ )
New Driver

Some of the listing services will work with your timetable .and some will let U select a price range
and work with it .If time is not an issue ,like I want it ASAP tell them .Many times drivers will pick. A job up to complete their load .and as the one guy said to me .You just paid my gas and tolls ,so the
Other cars are profit . If U are shipping a convertible go with an enclosed unit. At the extra cost .One arrived with the back seat and trunk full of water. Have washed the car and been caught in summer showers no problem. Also try to get the car delivered in the daylight.once U sign off on it ,well so sorry so sad. Tell the driver or agent if U live on a difficult loading ares . They will appreciate the heads up .
New Driver

I have shipped about 6 cars over the last 10 years. A few things i have learned one the hardway was never and i mean never give a broker or shipping company you have never dealt with a down payment or any money. The reason is brokers that are dishonest will keep your deposit and never do anything . Never pickup your car, nothing. And when you tell the credit card company that your being ripped off, they can't do anything. And they explained it to me. Real brokers will get their pay at the end. when you car is delivered. I have a broker named kitty and she has been doing car shipping for 20 plus years. She told me that the way it is supposed to go. And with her it has always gone that way. She knows the shipping companies, the good ones and not so good. the truck shows up , your car is picked up, and shipped to the exact address you wanted. Another thing i ran into once , was the car was picked up on time, in Phoenix, then the driver was in massachusetts and would only go as far as boston. He wouldn't go up into new hampshire where the car was supposed to go. another bunch of jerks.
New Driver

Great article. It seems fair and balanced and the data is spot on. As someone that works for J&S Transportation, the broker you mentioned in the article, I'd like to add that some brokers are also carriers. We are both a broker and a carrier. That's important to point out because companies that are both carriers and brokers, they know how to work with other carriers in the event their own trucks can't do the transport (i.e. how to vet carriers, how to ensure a smooth and prompt delivery, etc.). If you're talking to a broker, you should ask them if they are also a carrier. If they are, then chances are you'll have a much better experience.

I also noticed that several of the commenters here don't think too highly of brokers. I totally get it. There are a lot of bad apples in the business so it makes all of us look bad. We strive to be better than most brokers by providing constant communication throughout the process and by ensuring a safe and prompt delivery. We're definitely not the cheapest but for what we quote transports we get our vehicles picked up within 2-8 days and then they are delivered however many days it takes to drive the route (apprx. 500 miles/day).
New Driver

Great article! Thank you for the tips and advice.

Some advice regarding shipping quotes, avoid getting quotes from 'online calculators'. Online quotes are merely estimates that'll change upon booking your transport. In addition, most websites with 'calculators' are 'lead generating' sites that will sell your inquiry and bombard you with multiple quotes for months.

Instead, I suggest to call an actual car shipping company and speak with an actual agent, especially if you're working with specific details about your move. Speaking with someone about your move helps facilitate the entire process and you get the actual cost, not an estimate, to ship your car.

Hope this helps 🙂

Good stuff, thx!