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Hagerty Employee

Shelby American's 825-hp Super Snake Speedster is one mean droptop pony | Hagerty Media

Shelby American's latest take on the Mustang brings a wider stance, a boatload more power, and, if you so specify, exactly zero rear seats. Just 98 copies of the 2021 Shelby Super Snake Speedster will be available, and each one starts with a Mustang GT convertible that goes under the knife at Shelby's Las Vegas HQ and emerges with new looks and 825 horsepower.

Beautiful. It's what dreams are made of.
Intermediate Driver

That Speedster cover simply looks like the tacky add-on it is. Yeesh. Really surprised they didn't put in a much better effort than that.
Intermediate Driver

The 2004-2009 Mustang was a pretty-looking car--a nice blend of retro and contemporary styling that really captured the best elements of the classic 1960's Mustang designs. But every "facelift" since 2010 has been a styling mistake. The current Mustang is now such an outlandish, overwrought, viscerally painful design, that it looks like a misshapen child's toy. When I see one go by, I actually wince.
Intermediate Driver

I agree with you Robert. I thought the 2004-2009 Mustang was a great/retro design that looked really sharp.
BUT, I honestly do like the look of the new generation as well. In some ways, I see "Porsche 911" in their lines (especially in the wider body dtance and rear-curve configuariton), but it's mixed is with just enough classic "Mustang" to make it work with e Ford badge on it.
In terms of making a car with BIG HP and the commensurate high MPH capability, the lines of the newest generation would certainly be much more likely to be safe without the addition of some serious ground-effects that would be a requirement to the older retro-body...

Since the tonneau is removeable, I assume it provides no rollover protection from a tracking perspective. What good is a harness bar without rollover protection? I'm an occasional tracker, 3-4 times a year. not looking for a full-time track vehicle. I'd love a convertible Super Snake or GT350/500, but all models require rollbar for tracking. Will there ever be a production convertible Mustang that can be tracked?  Never mind tracking, unless this is intended to be a garage queen, a stable of 850 horses should justify some safety features, no?

Intermediate Driver

To truly make a special edition, Ol' Shel would lighten that up and tune it to 1000 HP.
I mean, Shelby did that in 2009, so 825 seems like a meager effort.

I had a 1968 KR convertible, and the fiberglass was designed to remove weight as much as simply give it style. It also had horsepower in the 428 SCJ modestly advertised below actual dyno. That was 53 years ago.

Cut weight, add power. That's my take.
Intermediate Driver

It IS a convertible so I'm sure body integrity/stiffness is an issue. And, even though yours was also a convertible, no offense, but your 428SCJ was pretty timid compared to the boosted Gen.3 Coyote engine in this car, even at 850HP. There was also a lot more steel in your car than the current iterations have. But, I hear what you are saying all the same...

The swollen appearance of this car represents the amount of skinniness one's bank account would suffer...
Pit Crew

Do not know how much the weight gain / loss on this car is compared to it's non-Shelby contemporaries but it does have a stance and a look that it needs to stay in a modern competition with the C8 Vette. I have a 67' Vette, 66 Cobra continuation and 68' Shelby so like my wife says I am stuck in the 60's and will never change, so I usually do not even look at these types of cars. I agree with another commenter here, drop weight and increase horsepower was always the best combination. Also what is up with all these painted or blacked out wheels today doesn't anyone at these factories remember when polished aluminum or chrome made you faster?
Intermediate Driver

Looks a LOT better than the Mach Eeeeeeeaaak !!!

I'm sure it performs far better than my abilities would allow but just looks bulky.
Intermediate Driver

The car looks less and less like a Shelby Mustang. Gone are the good old days when the mods to the exterior are few. IE...The 65 Shelby GT 350 and later the GT 500. Put that engine in something more reflective of the Shelby heritage....then you have something worthy to commemorate Caroll Shelby's legacy