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Hagerty Employee

Shark S1: The one-off Canadian supercar with big-block guts | Hagerty Media

This is a Shark S1. Or rather, this is the Shark S1, the only one of its kind. Conceived of as a prototype, it was built to one man's ideals. It took three years to make-a costly trial and error process consuming hundreds of thousand of dollars. Now, it's for sale.

My God, it's so gorgeous, and yet also so well thought-out. Mr. Huber should be rightfully proud of his creation. Now if only I had a winning Powerball ticket...

What a cool ride. Kudos for persevering on what must have been an incredibly challenging project. Let's go spank some exotics!!
Pit Crew

Just wonderful!!!!

i live near Cloverdale, how much is he asking?
New Driver

$100,000 USD but he spent 4 times that building it!

A genuine supercar at a yard sale price.
New Driver

WOW!!! This car needs to stay in Canada!
Intermediate Driver

Man oh man , this is really neat . What car guy hasn't thought of building his own car ? My friend Darrell did that too , more of a street rod look . He owns his own sheet metal buissiness .I am following youtube , builder and creator , building his own supercar . Very enjoyable reading .
New Driver

The Shark S-1 is posted for sale on Vancouver Craigslist and Surrey Facebook Marketplace for $100,000 USD and the supercar has an appraisal of $250,000. The owner is my neighbour. That car must be seen and heard!
New Driver

Oh mama. I would have custom taillights made to update the Escort GT lenses...but other than that it is perfect.

It's a very neat car. The wedge shape and the color really stand out.
Hagerty Fan
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Wow fantastic build, now what do you do for a hobby in your shop to top this working on about anything else would seem boring after this feat of engineering.R
Pit Crew

On reflection it might have been easier to start with a Countach replica kit and customise that.

I admire people who build their own cars. And while the car looks well built I have some questions on the handling.

The tire combo and wheels are not what I would recommend to use in setting a lap record at the ring.

I work in the performance after market and these wheels and rear tires are for pro street or drag racing and would not be very hood for latter so grip.

I wager this is fast in a straight line but if it had to set lap times I suspect i5. Hold be leaving much on the table in handling or lack of suspension tuning for better handling.

I would have opted for a Supercharged ZR1 engine for less rear weight too.

This car kind of looks like a super car built by a drag racer.

I recall a guy who pushed in a car to where I worked with a carb issue. It looked like a Bradly GT as that was the body. He opened the back and was a full tube chassis car with an Olds engine with twin turbochargers. It had a well engineered suspension snd he balanced the chassis with some added weight to the front. It was so light he could afford to balance the car.

He really built the chassis and just used the Bradly body to cover it. It was well thought out and well executed. Even with the GT body it looked good.