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Shark attack: GTO Engineering's new V-12 is called the Squalo | Hagerty Media

GTO Engineering, the small British firm behind the sensational 250 SWB and 250 TR Revival Ferraris, has named its first in-house design Squalo -Italian for shark. Fans of nominative determinism will appreciate the car's predator-like styling, with its pointy snout and side gills, while the double-bubble roofline and fastback are a racier take on the 250 SWB.

Love the car overall. I could pass on the wheels. I think the big hoops just look a bit silly and out of proportion to the car. I'm sure they will have options in that area though. The headlight buckets look a bit like stainless steel bowls built into the front fenders, so I'd change that; or just paint them body color to take away from their taking away from the lovely curves. I really want to hear one run! 🙂
Intermediate Driver

I think you meant to say that it has a mass of less than 68.3 slugs, although that lacks a bit of elegance.

Edit: I may have just kicked off a lbm vs slugfest. 


If I hit the lotto this is my first purchase if they price it right
Advanced Driver

2200 pounds? Really?? That alone would make this lovely thing a true return to the past, and a truly epic drive.