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Hagerty Employee

Seven of Britain’s best drives, in a Caterham Seven, in seven days

No pain, no gain. That’s the phrase that springs to mind as I contort myself into the tiny aperture between sill and roof that purports to be a door. The rain is lashing down, the windscreen is fogged, and my son has just kicked the other door off its hinges trying to install himself in the passenger seat. Our soaking wet tents are strapped to the back of our Caterham Seven. Our sodden clothes, sleeping bags, and boots are jammed under the luggage tonneau and today we will be sharing a single pair of driving shoes. Max’s got waterlogged in the storm that kept us awake all night and continues this morning.


This is a critical moment, testing our commitment to this father-son quest to drive seven of Britain’s best roads in the Seven, in seven days or less. The plan was to turn right out of the campsite and take the Kirkstone Pass, one of the most dramatic roads in England’s Lake District, but the cloud is so dense that I can barely see beyond the hood. Do we press on, or pull a U-turn and hope that we can outrun the weather?


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Intermediate Driver

Wow, what a run!  Super fun.  When I visited the UK and went to Portmerion (where The Prisoner TV series was filmed in 1967), lo but we pulled up in our rental BMW 320i and what did I see in the parking lot?  A Caterham Seven!  



What a fun-looking car!

Intermediate Driver

A car I have longed for since I first laid eyes on it on the TV show, "The Prisoner" , yet never will own because of the price tag they have.