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Seduced by a C3 Corvette that I fought hard to resist

This is not an article about C3 Corvettes, although it could’ve been. Rather, it’s about how a particular car’s small, unique characteristics can draw you inexplicably toward it. Sort of like that person you meet who you know is all wrong for you that you can’t get out of your mind and hope you’ll run into again so she’ll wreck your life ...


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50 yrs of vetts? I only like the '63 Split or '56/60.  Who can account for 'tastes', 'fashion'? Look at the hair styles, home furnishings, home styles or clothing...Think abt the amounts paid...Is all this stuff chemically induced? Can we give ourselves "a hit' just like takin a drink (ETOH is just a catalyst firing off our own dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc) or makin love to our mate? Yeah - gimme a '50s - 60s italian sports car (some Brit and about 1936 - very early 50s usa vehicle) and 'my knees geta lill weak'...

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