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Sebastian Vettel is leaving Ferrari after this season

After five years and fourteen victories with Scuderia Ferrari, four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel is about to leave the Italian team at the end of this postponed and already shortened F1 season. Not being able to beat Lewis Hamilton and recently getting into one too many crashes with his teammate Charles Leclerc put massive pressure on both the German driver and Ferrari, with Vettel claiming that the financial details of his team's new offer had nothing to do with his decision.


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New Driver

I am a fairly new fan to F1. Having watched NASCAR for 35 or so years but once Gordon retired I figured it was time for a change for me as well. Still enjoy Cup and some of the races but my heart has picked up a few BPM since watching F1. I have spent countless hours watching old races, documentaries, reading past and present news articles, driver commentary and more. I will say that in the past six years or so I have come to the same conclusion here at F1 that I have in every other motorsports division. You will win or you will hit the bricks. You will retire because you know in your heart that you can no longer cut the mustard to compete at the top or you will be forced out because your ego says you still can but the results prove otherwise. I am a racing fan. Plain and simple. Two wheels, four wheels, a prop on the front in the air or an engine under a hood on the ground. I love it all. I cheer for multiple drivers in F1 and because I am an American, I choose to cheer first for HAAS and the great things he is doing to rile up the other teams with drastically less funding. In my short time in F1, I have seen Vettel drive with a determination that provides him with a win but at the same time either the pressure to perform is breaking him down or he is losing his grip on the car in general. So many mistakes in the past couple of years. So many excuses. So much whining. Blame the car, blame the team. Everything but himself. The fact is - plain and simple - he is being out performed by his team mate and by the other top five drivers. Kimi has been one of my favorites but even the Iceman is losing the 'I drive fearless' battle. I wish Vettel well on his way out of the sport. Whether that is retiring out now and blaming COVID or slowly burning out after a few years of zero success in an under achieving team. He will always be a four time F1 champion and that will always be something to be proud of. I personally wish that people who talk about retiring would actually just do it. Stop testing the waters. Stop trying to figure out if you are still popular enough or good enough to get a high paying ride. Stop trying to see if you will still have the fan base when you leave Ferrari. The money and desire to be a celebrity and go fast are things they all want as drivers but they are in fact killing the growth of the sport. Vettel is no slouch and retiring would be a mistake in my opinion but crap or get off the pot man. Stop making excuses. Get out there, win and truly compete for a title or let some younger - faster - talent get into a car and give it a try.        


I gave a like to your comment dscottbeal, mostly because it reminded me of Cars 3 (this is good).