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Say watt? 10 famous retro car audio partnerships

The car business is no stranger to partnerships, but few joint ventures have the marketing potential of a famous audio manufacturer and an established automotive company. Did you know such associations dated back to the 1980s?

While not every partnership on this list may be music to your ears, that's not the point: Let's consider 10 of the most famous retro auto-audio partnerships.


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How could you miss Blaupunkt? Born yesterday? May B this co is out of service?  Beemer, Mercedes, Porsche and non-German co's used this equp in hi end cars.  Mine hada mic plug & I could hail those outside the car ona speaker I ran a fancy horn thru (as well). AM, FM, SW too. Just no 'aux' like 8 track or cassette/CD. I must B gettin old (@ 69 y/o) to think they should have been included...

Will go back and READ, not skim the article. Thnx for the write up

8^ )

Intermediate Driver