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Hagerty Employee

Saving the VIN tag on a Honda Trail 70, plus some Ford race car stuff | Redline Update #79 | Hagerty Media

Since Davin's balancing multiple projects, there's always something exciting happening in the Redline Rebuild garage. Occasionally, however, a week passes without any first starts or newly-arrived parts-and Davin still finds ways to make progress. In this episode, the Honda Mini Trail and the '37 "Snowball" race car both move closer to playing in the dirt.
New Driver

I believe the fasteners on the VIN tag may be drive screws. You might take a look at the parts book to see.
Pit Crew

As usual, all well done. I just do not understand why your race Ford still has hard rear axle when every good race car is adjustable suspension in every corner. Your rear suspension is from 1900...