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Hagerty Employee

Saving Saturn: A different kind of car collector | Hagerty Media

The most interesting car collection you've never heard of lives in a subdivision just outside Princeton, New Jersey. Nestled between patches of bucolic farmland and aging equestrian stables, in the cool shadow of a nature preserve, the neighborhood looks like any other.
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Pit Crew

Thanks Hagerty, I really enjoyed this story. A unique perspective on car collecting and on a car that often people don't think too much of. It's interesting to see others passions and motivations behind it. Good for her, I learned quite a bit about Saturn too.
Intermediate Driver

I’m convinced as to the reason Saturn never became a truly great carline was GM’s poor utilization of their resources. Here’s an example: I worked with a friend whose sister was working on the Saturn Project. GM had given her department two years to complete their assignment. They determined that it would only take one year. So they goofed off and did nothing for 12 months.
How much better the Saturn would have been if they worked hard to get the prototype developed. Then, they would have more time to refine the car and eliminate the bugs.
Pit Crew

Interesting story and Jessieleigh, you go girl! Love hearing about your passion and commitment, and appreciate your willingness to share your story.

Also, huge tip of the hat to the author of this piece. IMO it is the quality of the writing that really brings Jessieleigh‘s story to life. Beautiful work that was a pleasure to read.
Hagerty Employee

thank you!

New Driver

I have owned 3 Saturn Vues and loved them all!

My first was a blue 2004, which I bought new. My second was an orange 2006 (my favorite color), which I also bought new. That one got totaled, unfortunately.

My third was a burnt orange 2008 that I purchased used back in 2012. She has a little over 106,000 miles on her now. I recently had to get her a new transmission, and she does have a few broken internal parts, but it's just too costly to have them fixed now.

My favorite of the three was definitely the 2006. I was really bummed when the insurance company wanted to write her off instead of fix her. She was a beautiful bright orange color, had a great engine, and was paid off.

Even so, I happily drive my 2008 Saturn Vue to this day 🙂
Pit Crew

Jessieleigh, you go! I'm glad that Haggerty reran this article in their newsfeed since I apparently missed it last year.

A 1994 Midnight Blue SL was my first new car and I loved that thing. It got me through college, into marriage, and started us off with kids. It was very reliable and the only reason I had to get rid of it was because my brother-in-law borrowed it and totalled it.

My wife had an SL2 when we met. We thought about trading it out when we couldn't get two car seats and the dog in the car with us. However, a local Seattle car thief decided it was too easy to steal and took it off our hands. We still looked for it for a month before we finally cashed the insurance check and it was found the following week about a mile and a half away.

Good little cars. Unfortunately our Saturns simply met bad ends. I would that all of our cars were that reliable (side glance to my wife's current Hyundai and son's Jeep Wrangler).

Keep it up Jessieleigh. Hopefully you have some car clubs come out to see your collection. If I were a bit closer you would be on my destination list! 🙂
Intermediate Driver

thank you!
that's a shame how both your Saturns had tragic endings to their lives.
My collection isn't open to the public so no one really sees them. Once in a while they appear at a car show, if I find one that will allow me to bring one that is
Intermediate Driver

What a fun story! I had a 97 SC2 in black gold. It was very pretty - looked chocolate in the sunlight. Sadly it had a lot of minor but annoying issues. The transmission went 4 days off the truck and had to be replaced. Pieces would fall off...augh. But it looked nice lol
Intermediate Driver

black gold is an amazing color! I have previously had 2 black golds, a 97 SL1 and a 95 SC2