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Saved by the old-school radiator shop | Hagerty Media

You ever do a repair, see the finish line, and feel like the inmate on the prison break with one leg over the barbed wire fence-only to have the dog grab the other leg and drag your butt back down? I was nearing the end of an air conditioning retrofit into my 1972 BMW 2002tii.

I had a similar experience with a radiator out of one of myh V12 Jags, here in Milwaukee, WI there is only one shop and he only does trucks, really big trucks and Caterpillar earth moving equipment. One of guys who has helped me greatly with guiding me through my Shelby Mustang restoration mentioned a guy in Wausau, WI, in the north central part of the state. I called him up and he said "sure, I can rod it out" (rodding out is a lost art where you take a rod shaped like the tube and clean each and every tube of scale). I used many local radiator shops back in the day when I worked for a Jag dealer, it was completely hit or miss, usually miss, that someone would really go through the painstaking process of rodding out the core, couple that with the complexity of removing a radiator from a V12 only to be disappointed it still overheated after re installation!! Bob from Glen Ray Radiators turns out to be the premier Mopar radiator restoration guy and he did a phenomenal job on my XJS radiator, hasn't run hot since. I asked if he could re core my Shelby radiator and he said he's done them for years, this guy is a real craftsman for any model radiator and it's nice to have someone still in the business, even if they're 3 hours away.
Advanced Driver

It is unfortunate that "progress" has almost replaced the shops and their owners and workmen with hi-tech" businesses which usually have little concern for personal relations. I, too, look for shops which know their trade and who care not only for the "stuff" but who care for that all-important personal contact!
Great article, Rob! jay

Guys like them are Gold. And sadly, disappearing. Some retire, some can't survive the competition from aftermarket and off-shore radiators, and I guess there's not enough old-car work in many places. Plus it's hard work & nasty chemicals, two things falling out of fashion...

There was a radiator shop just like that a short drive from me that always satisfied my wacky requests for very reasonable cost. And a carburetor shop near that. Just carb parts and repairs! Both gone decades ago. And yes, the B-52's did indeed say that!
Pit Crew

In a world where "customer service" doesn't really exist anymore, this is a encouraging story. Our community needs to take note and support businesses like this.

I miss this kind of thing so much you make me want to drive there.
...from Indiana!

We had a shop around here that could rebuild just about any starter, generator, alternator or electric motor. If it needed a bushing he could quickly machine and drill it if it were something he didn't keep in stock or have at that moment. Reasonable prices were the order of the day there, too. It was a small shop run by a single owner/operator and when he retired it was passed on to his son in law. He too did great work, but when HE retired it was bought by some rando and it quickly went by the wayside.

My gearhead friends and I still talk about that shop and how good it was.

I have been threatened with the drive to Carol's in the past. Lucky for me Fusco's in Watertown CT is close and almost as capable, they don't have a radiator shop but they do almost everything else. I was recently able to get a rebuilt alternator, they rebuild them on site, that no one else had in stock from them at 4:53 on a Friday. Normally I hand my money to Danny Fusco so they are the same that way as well.

We have just such a shop here near Milaca MN, Joe Marudas can fix just about everything, did that with my '36 Ford radiator, did magic on my Case 930 tractor radiator and also with several others, a '48 Willys and our Model A, this guy is good and knows what he's doing.
New Driver

Joe is a great guy with old fashioned values! A real car guy with great small town attitude and a breathe of fresh air when it comes to todays shop rates! Funny how greed has taken hold of so many shops with supply fees and hourly rates that make a banker blush..Joe is  an honest hard working guy whom goes above and beyond with great pricing and a great demeanor. he is the kind of guy you tip when you get services from him- Just dont go talking old cars with him you'll never leave! A+ workmanship!!


This great shop will certainly get some run out of this piece, and they should!
New Driver

yeah, he knows about how to repair the OLD muscle car stuff that most shops wont work on if needed.If you have an issue Joe Maruda's Auto Repair will get you thru it!


Does JP Carroll re core old vintage heater cores? I'm working with someone who has searched the net and the rest of the world for a replacement heater core on his 56 F100. No one cores them and there are no new replacements available. We need help! If possible, please post the web address.
Intermediate Driver

I had a rad and heater core re-cored for the 56 Meteor I restored several years back by Roy's Rads who is in Grey county Ontario Canada. Roy is in his 80's now and is in his shop 5 days a week. Here is a contact number...
New Driver

Yes they do they can build any radiator or heater core  from scratch 

New Driver

Call 781-861-6060 ask for Dale he builds the radiators and heater cores

Advanced Driver

It is so nice to hear stories about decent people doing fantastic work at reasonable prices!! I have found most old school radiator shops, and machinists still do great work at prices which would have been acceptable 30 years ago!
We have a neighborhood machinist who runs a cottage business behind his house in Beaverton, Oregon. Well recently I was DEVASTATED when I blew a head gasket on my flathead Dodge truck. Well Mr. Hutchins tanked the head, surface milled it perfectly, returned it in short order and gave me change from a “C” note. I think it turns out certain people just have a passion for keeping things going, which is really something worth paying attention to. I bought the gasket from Olsens gasket NOS but clean and perfect and I bought a new water pump from NAPA. I shudder to think how much a new car head gasket replacement would be not including all the headaches involved with doing the actual task, with all the likely mistakes, and older cars start making a bit more sense.
Intermediate Driver

Did you ever make it back for his oogle or test drive???
Advanced Driver

Not yet, but it's been raining almost non-stop since I wrote that. I WILL get back there.
Pit Crew

Hello, I got a radiator from a French car called Citroën B12, I sanded then painted and here it is like new.
See you later!

" needed to out..."; "...because years ago I’d yanked it out of a 2002 years ago since...". Sloppy.
Advanced Driver

I love hearing stories like this. Well done, Rob!

- Jim

Alright, let’s send this guy some business.

I’ve had several experiences like this and never forget to make them my first call, not my last. Including one shop where a broke, 19 year old me had to take my car because all but a basic set of tools were 1600 miles away in AZ. Hey, I’d love to tip you more, but this is all I got, if you can look the other way about what should be under there and what is NOT under there, I’d really appreciate it. I bought him a 12 pack and a pizza, he did the work after hours. People like that are increasingly rare.
New Driver

I just ran across this post . I worked in the Auto / Commercial / Industrial cooling industry 34 years before retiring 12 years ago . This brings back a lot of memories . I miss the work sometimes but I don't miss the lead and chemicals 😉 Great article !