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Hagerty Employee

Sand Blasting: The Race of Gentlemen honors classic hot rods at the Jersey shore

The colossal driver with a graying Santa beard eased up to the start line, beach sand falling from grooved tires in tiny hard-packed zigzags. His rig resembled a 1932 Chevy poached from the assembly line before General Motors could body the sucker. The whole clap shook like a nervous dog. Any other Saturday on this stretch of the Jersey Shore, you’d hear seagulls squawking, Atlantic swells breaking, children whooping and hollering. Not today ... Read the full article on


Intermediate Driver

And here all my life I thought NJ had no socially redeeming values whatsoever!  Ok, after 61 years I've finally been proven wrong about one thing, LOL!!

New Driver

Great article! Refreshing to see the roots of hot rodding is still alive and well.

Intermediate Driver

"TROG is [in response to] everything I saw wrong with the hobby and the industry,” Bull poopies!!!!

Did you not see all the trailers???  What is more important to me and my wife is  we  can consistently drive our resto rod  (built in my garage myself) anywhere without breaking down. A great feeling of accomplishment. Having an all steel 1933 Ford 3 window coupe resto rod gives us a great feeling knowing I will make it to where I am going without the need of a trailer! I do not believe being tied to the war time cars is necessary to have a lot of fun. Just look at all the well attended events ( Goodguys, NSRA. etc). They, by the way, do not discourage war time cars from attending! There's room for everyone if we just let them in our friendship circles.

New Driver

Two years ago my wife and I went to TROG.  It was a hoot.  Put it on your bucket list.


I saw this in the magazine and it was good, the 133 photos here made this a lot better! Thank you for using the on line post to show off a lot more photos than would have been practical in print.

Pit Crew

"At the turn of the 19th century, many of America’s first automobiles contested races along the Atlantic. In 1905, in Cape May (the beach town adjacent to Wildwood), Henry Ford and three other drivers (including Louis Chevrolet, driving a Fiat) raced on the beach in front of some 20,000 spectators... Unless they were drag racing in 1805, I think that you might mean the 20th century!

Community Manager

I think you are right! I am making the change now, thank you!
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We need more events like this all over the country... especially on the LEFT coast.  With all I know about California though, it probably won't happen...


Mel's dad still lives up the street from our shop and from what I read TROG won't be happening in Wildwood any longer as per the Mayor 


Hagerty Fan
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This event is a time capsule that is dug up out of the sand every year early autumn. I need to get there at least once.

Advanced Driver

Wow! Finally, a real reason for a southern boy to travel to New Jersey!!!



Great article. Awesome pics also. Like going back in time. Thanks 

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Intermediate Driver

While it may not be my rusted cup of t-bucket, I can see how it would be a fun challenge to build a car and participate in TROG.  


Great article and photos Cam! Must have been a blast to be there. Makes to my bucket list now.


Next time use a period correct camera to document this. Great tradition.


Cameron- A group of us in Maine are attempting to put together a similar event for next Spring and I am having some difficulty reaching anyone from the Oilers Club to assist us in keeping our event in the spirit of their offering. Can you provide me with any specific contact person at the club that might assist us in this effort ? Thanks- Doug