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Hagerty Employee

Sam Smith would rather not talk about Sam Smith, but we asked him to talk about Sam Smith anyway

Hi. I’m Sam. I’m new here, your friendly neighborhood editor-at-large. A silly media term that basically means I’m a roving editor and writer, chasing the interesting. I come here from Road & Track, where I worked for eight years—first as executive editor, then editor-at-large and feature writer. Working with a crack staff, I helped land a National Magazine Award nomination—a first for any car magazine—and wrote a monthly column. Before that, I was a freelancer, traveling the world for outlets like The New York Times, Wired, Esquire, Jalopnik, 000, and the BMW CCA’s Roundel.


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Pit Crew

I read somewhere that the glory days of another automotive publication were the product of a collective of pissed-off engineers able to express themselves openly. Now, Hagerty feels like a growing collective of thoughtful, incisive, brave and moderately anarchist writer/drivers unafraid to display the vulnerability required to really reach someone through the written word. Welcome, Mr. Smith. 


Sam Smith is a fantastic addition to Hagerty. I'm really excited about this. Been reading a variety of magazines for 35 years, it was his era of Road & Track that got me into that magazine (never stuck with me before that).


In a time when so many automotive magazines and voices have been silenced with job cuts and titles discontinued I am impressed that Hagerty is taking the "Let's build an all-star team then" approach.

Pit Crew

Mr. Smith has always seemed to me to be the reincarnation of Peter Egan - no higher praise can be given.  Welcome!  (and yes, I know that Mr. Egan is still incarnated...)


Looking forward to more excellent Sam Smith writing!

New Driver

Sam's writing is what got me into Road & Track after unsubscribing for a number of years. As sad as I am to see him go, I'm equally excited to read his work here. Keep up the awesome work, Sam!


Agree fully with this comment, his writing is the main reason I have had an R&T subscription in recent years.  Huge loss for R&T.

New Driver

I've long been a Sam Smith fan. His writing was one of the things that helped make me an avid R&T reader. I was thus thrilled to see the news that he is joining Hagerty. Key question though - what will happen to the Chaterham? 

Pit Crew

Great to read your writing on here, Sam! I don’t want to gush too much, so I’ll just say I’ve been a big fan since the Roundel days. Welcome!


I've been enjoying Road & Track for many, many years. High points have been the R&T Road Tests (which are disappearing!) and Peter Egan (who still contributes every so often). Sam became R&T's new Peter Egan for me in many ways - a very enjoyable read every month (or so). And.... Sam answers emails - something not all writers do. Hagerty - please make Sam's writings easily available to all of us!

Community Manager

In case you miss one, you can always find everything Sam Smith here:


I cannot express myself very well but it will be a sad world when we can no longer read Sam Smith


So glad to find Sam Smith after catching up on my R&T magazines and realizing he had left (one offhand comment was all the goodbye he gets??).  Huge loss for R&T (and I won't be renewing), huge gain for Hagerty. I echo everyone's comments here - Sam is an incredible writer and person. Thank you kindly Sir for the words you put down, and the humanity and passion that goes with them. You capture that essence of what makes us so daft about cars like few others can. 


The car magazines ain't what they used to be. Of course, neither are the cars. That ain't good, either. Same might be said about most of the car writers. Too many young'uns (and not so young) must of grown up too late, thinking manual trannys are bad because they are (now) "slower," and without heated and ventilated seats they just cannot get comfy.  Sam Smith may have been new generation R&T, but he understood cars, driving, and can write.  I still miss Peter Egan (regularly) -- the greatest of the car scribes.  Smith is darn good.  Let me close by saying, taking that cute little girl for ice cream in that French tuna can with its wind-up motor brought tears of joy to my eyes.  Make her a real car girl, thank you.  Belated good luck to Sam and family in the new gig.