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Sam, a 14-year-old car enthusiast, seeks your advice

We have an ever-increasing and quickly-diversifying fanbase over at the Hagerty Community, and sometimes a member poses a question worthy of wider distribution. As a 14-year-old car enthusiast looking for guidance from more experienced enthusiasts as he navigates today’s automotive landscape, Sam is one such person that deserves special recognition. His passion for cars goes just as deep as those reading this article, and we hope you’ll give him some advice in the comments … as he will be reading them!


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I'd go in this order as a first car- reliable, mass produced, utilitarian.  Can be fun too though!  As a first car you'll want all that.  Mass produced means any problem that comes up there's plenty of info on fixes.  What about a 4runner?  Pickup truck?  GM v-8 pickup could be a good choice.  

Reliable- think about school, friends, your parents, running errands.  
Since rust up there is a killer, set up a fly-in/ drive home of a rust free gem down in Florida!  Document it for Hagerty.

Intermediate Driver