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Hagerty Employee

Salt, sweat, dirt, and tears: Four life lessons I've learned from motorsports

Another week on the Bonneville salt with no record to show. It's just one of the realities of land-speed racing that is forgotten during the celebrations when barriers are finally shattered. After the fire at World of Speed, the Knapp Streamliner team and I returned last week for the SCTA World Finals only to fight a string of suspension- and transmission-related issues.

I believe the Daytona speedway circumference is 2.25 not 2.5 miles. 2.5 belongs to Talladega.

Daytona is 2.5. Talladega is just steeper banking. 


Daytona is 2.5, but Talladega is 2.66. Not that it's a big deal. 🙂

Talladega is also wider.

I started out young working on Race cars. We were a low buck stock car team but we worked smart.

We were using things the guys in the south were using before many here understood the value.

We would win occasionally but not often. This made the feel of victory much sweeter.

I have learned in the real world that efforts equal results. You work hat to minimize the risks. You try to enhance the efforts and try to attain goals. This often separates the successful from the just getting buy.

Even in the race you try to position yourself for the victory, one also needs to do this in life. Most do not win by luck with rain , they must run the full race. Even then there is a small element of luck still p,as a role.

Let’s face it if the challenges in life and racing were easy victory would not feel so sweet.

Even today at the car shows I attend. Prep work is key with a small bit of luck. There are weeks of wins and weeks of loss. But that Win is sweet as it means I still have what it takes to be competitive.
Advanced Driver

Great job capturing these intangibles that most non-participants never consider. The stuggle-to-satisfaction ratio in racing is something like 99 to 1. But the satisfaction is clear and pure and intense, and it makes the struggle worthwhile somehow. Until, perhaps one day, it doesn't anymore, and you know that you're done.
Pit Crew

2.66 is Talladega with a little more bank.

Excellent story Phillip. Great perspective; thank you!

Excellent thoughts, beautifully laid out. I wonder if power boat racing might compete with land speed racing for continuous full throttle time.