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Hagerty Employee

Rolls-Royce seeks street cred with California hot rodders

Rolls-Royce has sent its Cullinan Black Badge out under the cover of night to join the hot rod community, as you can see in this short video.


Why? Because apparently Rolls-Royce believes that, like its own customers, hot rodders “take risks, break rules and build success on their own terms.”


Catch the full clip on


I dream of Rolls making a model... the "Archaic" with as many re-used 1930s parts as possible including a real Merlin engine. Think Cruella DeVille meets Mad Max. Minimal modern tech... but insane catalytic system that makes it legal everywhere. It's a Rolls... who cares if the exhaust is worth $30000?


Then put a few of them in the hands of notorious Hot Rodders/racers and go do stuff like Pike's Peak, Bonneville, Roadkill Nights, Power Tour, get Marty and Moog to road trip it across the U.K., etc.


That would be a Rolls Royce Hot Rod with street cred.