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Rolls-Royce produces honey around the factory to save bees

Car factories demand vast pieces of land, and more often than not, it’s farmlands that get carved up into a new industrial park just outside the city. In the olden days, the story would have stopped there, but now, all sorts of creative green initiatives land on the table to make car production kinder to its local environment.


One prime example of social media-ready eco-friendliness is Porsche’s Leipzig factory, where safely separated from the plant’s off-road track, wild horses and aurochs live their happy lives. Across the water, Rolls-Royce operates with smaller creatures, producing honey to help bees and other endangered pollinator species thrive. And with quarter of a million of them buzzing around the Apiary, Goodwood proves once again that for BMW, moving Rolls-Royce to Lord March’s backyard was a grand idea.


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They really should put that honey in a Dijon Mustard...  of course!



Pit Crew

That would be a task for Bugatti. Rolls-Royce can't have anything to do with Dijon Mustard, because for the British, it's either Colman's, Tracklements, Tesco's Finest, or death.


@ mpetrany in North America at least, there is an association of Rolls with a particular brand of Dijon due to a certain 1980s ad campaign. I'm not surprised if said campaign was out of step with actual British tastes (I vaguely recall the Rolls drivers in the ad having British accents but could be wrong on that).