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Hagerty Employee

Rolling Heavy: TV repair by day, drag racing by night, and an Offy intake!

A Facebook group had this code-73 Crimson Red 1975 Chevy G10 van that looked familiar. After a minute, I remembered how it had gone up on Craigslist, then eBay, up and down, no one touching it. “How,” I thought, “is this thing still for sale?”


Did he have time for a quick phone call? Just a few questions, I said.


“Sure,” he said. “Give me a ring.”


So I did, and that lead to the phone call where I heard the van’s story. Which made me realize something: This van was friggin’ rad!


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It's got a mild 70's custom van look (flares with wider tires) without any of the more-controversial design elements. Depends on what you wanted it for as it is a long work van.


-it would make a great sleeper in TV repair trim, hop up the drivetrain and suspension with modern tech. Probably not an autocrosser (dare you lol) but might be able to do some impressive drag pulls --for a long van.


-murals easily get cheesy, but that can be fun too. In this case... a mural depicting the van's history hauling the drag car, the TV repair business in Ohio locales and such would actually be a cool tribute.

Intermediate Driver

Very cool, I was a tv repairman in the 70,s and into the early 80s. Unfortunately tv's became throw away then. But, my van never towed a drag car, and it was an e150 with a straight 6. 


Without a doubt, the A & K TV sign must stay.