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Hagerty Employee

Rolling Heavy: Do you really want to join the A-Team? | Hagerty Media

What's another name for a custom van? How about "The Personality Vehicle"? That's what I learned in a semi-famous book by Paul R. Dexler that was published back in 1977. I remember hitting my grade-school library for study period, and immediately "book"-ing over to the automotive section to grab said volume, just drooling over those candy coated chariots known as "Custom Vans."

I can truthfully say the most copied van is the Mystery Machine from the Scooby-Doo show.
Intermediate Driver

Zoykes! Sorry Matt, I concur with Spoom and RBS Welder, the most famous & most copied “van” has gotta be the Mystery Machine.  Where’s your research to back up your Fake news?  Next time just say “one of the most”  ... And as a preemptive blog strike, I pity the fool who starts up with the GhostBuster vehicles (Ecto1,2,3) ambulances are in a different class from vans.  🙂

Nice to see the A Team van though, brings back memories.


New Driver

The most copied iconic van out there is the Mystery Machine!

The full length movie is one of my favorites of all time. "Can't fly a tank fool!" Spoiler alert: the van gets destroyed early on in hilarious fashion.

Who cares about the Mystery Machine, this is the A team!

If I had the disposable cash here I would buy this van and hire MR T to drive me up to my high school reunion smoking a Cigar!

I like it when a plan comes together!

Intermediate Driver

Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose the A-Team van to be parked in my driveway over the Mystery Machine every time.  But I’ve been to a lot of car shows, far & wide, and can say I’ve never seen a tribute A-Team van on the street. 

Pit Crew

Back when Mr. T bought that old mansion and cut down the trees on his property north of Chicago, in Lake Forest, in the ‘80’s he drove an Excalibur and we’d often spot him on the highway in his convertible waving.
Pit Crew

Scottsdale Auction to be held at Worldwide’s home in Indiana....I'm confused is there a Scottsdale Indiana
Community Manager

It's being held in Auburn...who knows why they are calling it Scottsdale but see below for the proof: