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Roger Penske: “Trust me, we are going to run it with fans” for this year’s Indy 500

Roger Penske has told Racer that the 2020 Indy 500 will race with fans in the stands — no matter what. This news comes on the heels of a recent announcement that the upcoming Indy/NASCAR doubleheader on July 4-5 will be a racer's only event. That was a necessary precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to protect the opportunity to run the 500 but was still not what fans wanted to hear after sitting idle during this hiatus in motorsports.


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Wow. Lots of anti-Roger rhetoric here. Sure he’s richer than God but he’s been a genuine racer since 1957. There will be an incredible utilization of communication technology at the Speedway when the 500 happens. Fan movement will be guided by 5G cellular as to when and where they enter and exit. Crowding at concessions and bathrooms (!) will be managed as well, to keep some measure of social distancing. Masks, of course, are mandatory. If August is declared untenable, the race will be held in October, fans being Penske’s firm requirement to stage the race. Beside the long-overdue improvements to the facilities , there are plans to bring endurance racing and a return of F1. So get off all this Roger-hating BS. 

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