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Hagerty Employee

Rivian eyes second U.S. plant, AMG's 3 Red Piglets, Land Rover's Defender Trophy could make you famous

Intake: Big things are happening at EV startup Rivian. An Automotive News report reveals that Rivian is planning to invest an initial sum of $5 billion into a new U.S. assembly plant, according to a document shared with state economic officials.
Pit Crew

Nice to see the Rivian is made in USA. But, the front sort of reminds me of the Edsel

The rivian truck is actually a truck, that is good news. As of April 2021 the plant in IL was "averaging" one complete vehicle per day off the assembly line....that is not going to cut it. Of course, it's new, a start up, etc., but before anybody gets the knee pads out for attracting this new $5B plant it might be a good idea to make sure the company is viable and the product is, uh, well, as advertised. Because if you are paying around $80,000 for a truck that claims to have 350+ miles of range, in reality you might be closer to 210 miles of range and once you load it up and or tow something - you know, use it as a real truck - the range is going to decline rapidly.
Pit Crew

I had a long chat with a Rivian rep just a few days ago. The website is coy about range, period, and not revealing in the least about range while towing. I learned that range for the larger vehicle goes down to about 120 miles on a full charge towing 11,000 lbs with a tongue wt somewhere around 1000 lbs. Obviously if you are not towing as much, you can eke out a couple more miles, but watch it if you also load the vehicle inside as well.

I posed the question, I want to pull a camper from my place near Portland to my brother's in Seattle, about 200 miles. Turns out I would have to 'refill' in about Chehalis, and that refill given the chargers available there would take about 4 hours IF I didn't have to wait for a plug, to get enough range to continue to Seattle. Once in Seattle, on my brother's house plug, 18.4 hours to get enough charge to make it again about 1/2 way back home.

Turns an overnight into a slog.

The last Rivian I saw was absolutely the best designed truck on the road without question.
I'm concerned that someone thought the front end looked like an Edsel. And the comment on range from someone else vis a vis weight was interesting as well. Please remember that
we are at the beginning of this phase of automobiles; a fully matured car/truck won't be available until 2050 in my view. That is, cars with less electronic BS and more range, a National Infrastructure to feed them when on the road, and folks who know how to fix them other than outrageously priced dealers taking advantage of a burgeoning market. Manufacterers, making big statements about being electric totally by such and such a date aren't realistic and forcing the consumer to buy something he/she may not want.
Drive old cars and stay well.

Fifteen square miles for a truck assembly plant? Will there be a lithium mine? The entire Arsenal of Democracy didn't cover that much real estate. Something is very wrong here.

I suppose the one plus about the shift to electric is more room for startups since they do not have to deal with crippling emissions regulations

I can see the future of television adds. "Range Wars". Like every other media add, all based on lies. I got an add for you; My vehicle can go 440 miles on a single fossil charge and a recharge is done in seconds.