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Hagerty Employee

Ringbrothers' latest K5 Blazer build is a gorgeous green gem | Hagerty Media

When you think of Ringbrothers, your first thought likely concerns of the company's Pro-Touring muscle cars with restyled interiors, modern powertrains, and track-ready suspensions.
Intermediate Driver

Love the Ring Brothers stuff, its always well built next level and this one is no exception.
Drive it or don't....really doesn't matter. The cause is the all important part of this piece.
Personally though, I hope whoever wins it beats the snot out of it!
Pit Crew

Very nice! I had a 1971 Chevy blazer, the thing was indestructible. Taking the top off does take people and a little time but man what a fun driver. I know it’s a restomod but outside looks off road inside looks please don’t go off road. It’s beautiful though!
New Driver

I had an ‘85. Loved it until the catalytic converter went bad causing me to throw a rod. Had a nice 350 v8 that got tore to pieces. Still, I miss that truck all these years later. Except the manual locks on the 4 wheel drive. That I don’t miss. Lol
Advanced Driver

I don't like the fat steering wheel--seems unwieldy to me. I noticed the brake pedal looked like it should have a clutch pedal next to it---small pedal. Very nice overall.
Intermediate Driver

I think a lot of their stuff is way overdone. This one's not too bad. The worst part is the useless cowl hood. Don't say it's for looks because it looks like he!!.

Nice build, but I owned and drove a 70 Blazer for a while and let’s just say I have no desire to repeat the experience.
Advanced Driver

Yes, it seems the folks who like these now days didn't have one back in the day. Seldom do I say that (I'm glad that one got away). But i do agree this is nice ride. Well done, and far better than what I had.

Curious, what was your dislike?

I’ve had a couple old K10 and K20s, never a K5. Aside from the steering in technical off-road stuff, I really enjoy them.
Intermediate Driver

Turning the white letter tires in without blacking them out is not up to usual Ring Bros detail... Just sayin.
Pit Crew

I would drive it. I love Chevys. I have a pair of El Caminos

The email said " would you drive this restomod K-5 Blazer"?
Yes I would! I think that its a very tasteful build.

First time I ever heard of the Ringbrothers. Obviously wasn’t missing anything that would interest me.
Advanced Driver

Check out their other builds. Extremely high end stuff.

“High end builds” don’t interest me. Hell, I’m not a fan of restoration, unless the vehicle is too far gone for preservation.
New Driver

'70 ? Looks like a'72 grill and bumper. Still a nice build.

It's a very nice truck. personally I never liked the convertible versions but the color and look of this one are very nice.