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Hagerty Employee

Ringbrothers gave this once-crusty Cougar a Coyote transplant | Hagerty Media

Ringbrothers, the Wisconsin car builder known for wild custom muscle cars and trucks, is showing its newest build, a subtly restomodded 1968 Cougar that uses a late-model Ford powertrain. The build began with a crusty Cougar that needed new floor pans, so the fabrication crew stripped the car down to its shell, cut out the rust, and rebuilt everything from the ground up.
New Driver

Very nice but it looks a little knock knee'd up front, as most cars of this generation do when a contemporary wheel/tire size is used. A mild flare, re-contour of the fenders could help so the front track could be increased slightly. The Mustang GT comes with the 10 speed behind its 5.0-liter Coyote, why would the trans be from a Raptor? Some wheels without visible fasteners would be nice.

I agree about the contemporary aftermarket wheels on these cars, they don't always look right. Otherwise, I'd rock this ol Cat...

Remove the 5.0 badge. Otherwise? This car is gorgeous. I wouldn't change a thing

The styling on the body of those Cougars truly is timeless.

Good looking Cougar.

At least it’s a Ford engine. And like DestoFins says here, put a manual in it!

Nice job and so nice to see something other than a Camaro.
Intermediate Driver

First of all I get it. BUT a lot of money was spent for a set of wheels, suspension upgrade and powertrain. The original looked and performed just fine.

Love that color! I really like the Cougars of that era and this is very nice. The wheel/tire combo are a bit much and I think take away from the car a bit. They just look out of place with the shapes on the car.
Not a fan of the Coyote engine at all. They're ugly to me. I'd much rather have a Ring Brothers massaged 351W and a 6-speed, under the hood. Really neat car, otherwise.
New Driver

Had this exact color 68 Cougar, 351W from a 69 Mach1, and a 4 speed. Bolt on engine mods, etc. Was competitive with most cars of the day and alot of fun!

Beautiful Car. Too bad they ruined it with those clearly aftermarket wheels/tires. Ruins the aesthetic.
Intermediate Driver

Wow the Cougar looks awesome. Very clean and classy. Love the color. Like the wheels to Great job.


Car looks great in that color. I'll take it but I imagine I can't afford it.
Pit Crew


This is my baby. A big block with factory air. I’m a stickler for originality and stock applications. I’m not a big fan of restomods, but this one is subtle and honours most of the shapes and contours of a period correct 1968. Nice to see Cougars getting some love versus the plethora of Mustangs. Nice work. And I might add love the Hagerty site/forum. Stay safe everyone.  


noneada changes improve on the OEM in my mind - the 5 wheels (steering inc) motor etc...
Put in the FE if U wanna make power at lighter weight and size.

Seems that 1st gen Cougars have occupied a weird middle-ground for as long as I can remember. Guys my age (GenX) would turn their nose up at a one-owner '67 Cougar with 50k original miles, to empty their savings for a '67 Mustang with rusted quarters, Keystone mags and a smogger 351 out of a '77 LTD. Good to finally see them getting the attention they deserve.
Intermediate Driver

"rebuilt everything from the ground up" must mean they threw the stock suspension in a scrap metal recycle dumpster. This was a very nice looking body right from the beginning (but on a marginal Ford "Falcon-derivative" suspension). I think a customer of mine had new one in deep metallic blue with a Big Block? Maybe a detuned 427? Somebody will know that answer. Way, way too heavy for that stock suspension.
Intermediate Driver

This is exactly how you trick an old classic. Everything you see stays mostly original but with every option available that you could not originally afford when you were young. Originality takes you back and makes you feel like you are back in time when you first drove these cars. I do not know how all of us hotrodders survived with the original suspensions, brakes, steering and rubber, so those are the upgrades you need to have fun and actually be safe doing it and most improvements are hidden from view so you get the perfect combination. I just installed Led's in all my cars because I still drive like 17 but am now 60. How did we manage to get this old when the factory headlights of our day, " 60's-70's " would not even light up a cigarette let alone the road.