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Hagerty Employee

Rides from the Readers: “The Black Widow”

Today’s vehicle is of mixed ancestry, as you can tell from the photos below. It started life as an unassuming 1960 VW Bug and would have ended its years abandoned in the Mojave Desert had Jim Zupke not spotted it, hauled it home, and unleashed a slightly maniac creative force upon it. In the front went a 350 small-block from a ’65 Vette matched to Ford 330 racing gears. In place of the air-cooled four-pot in its rear, Jim shoved a Corvair rear end. Naturally, this wasn’t a plug-and-play build; the car sits on a custom box frame to accommodate the, ah, unorthodox engine mounts. As final proof of the car’s eclectic family tree, the speedometer is from a Studebaker Hawk.


Jim christened his hot rod “The Black Widow.” It can hit nearly 140 mph.


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Pit Crew

That is too cool. I always have had an affinity for old Bugs. The wheels on this are the best feature. Love 'em!


Nice. 🙂

Intermediate Driver

Really cool! But. 140? That takes more courage than I ever had!

Intermediate Driver

Dig it!  Not sure I'd be taking it over 100, but still...  Dig it!