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Hagerty Employee

Rides from the Readers: 1987 Ducati F1

Today's featured ride is a 1987 Ducati F1. Handsome yet unforgiving, the 1984–88 Ducati F1 celebrated Tony Rutter's four TT2 World Championships as a street-going replica of Rutter's race bike. Over its production run, the F1 was influenced by Ducati's sale to Cagiva, which was interested in more mainstream offerings and shoved the F1 to the side. Despite the constricted production numbers, output from the 750cc twin increased from 62.5 hp in 1985 to 75 hp in 1986, thanks to new cylinder heads boasting larger valves. Later bikes also employed a dry, rather than a wet, clutch, and sourced their front forks from different manufacturers.


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