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Rides from the Readers: 1984 Pontiac Bonneville

Today’s featured vehicle is a 1984 Pontiac Bonneville. Despite its somewhat circuitous life cycle, the Bonneville nameplate lived a fairly uneventful life between 1982 and ’86. The seventh-generation car rode on the midsize, rear-wheel-drive G-body platform—hence its official title, “Pontiac Bonneville Model G.” This was the first generation in which Pontiac marketed the Bonneville in Canada, where it appeared as the Parisienne.


This particular Dark Briar Brown Bonneville belongs to Ronald Brown, whose family ordered it with a 5.0-liter V-8 and a custom Buckskin vinyl top—a contrasting color that, his father thought, helped distinguish the four-door from a police cruiser ... Read the full article on


Intermediate Driver

I have a left side fender skirt for that if anyone needs one. 


This was the first step to shut down Pontiac back in the 80's.  Many do no know that Pontiac was on the bubble not Olds as they had the strong selling Cutlass Supreme RWD. 


Pontiac went to the G body to extend the Bonnie while they started to phase out models. Or at least that is what GM had planned. 


Pontiac on the other hand got aggressive and put out the new Firebird,  the Fiero and followed with the very popular Grand Am. Olds on the other hand come with a crappy FWD Cutlass and then slapped the name on several other crappy FWD cars. 


Pontiac also went to Canada to bring in the Parisian to bring back the large RWD sedan. 


There were a ton of politics going on at GM at the time and they really hurt themselves more than the competition. 


Chevy came back and killed the Fiero and left Pontiac with mostly restyled Chevy's.  By the time Lutz arrived it was already too late to save the brand. 


Many forget that what really set Pontiac apart was the engineering and their own power plants. They did things and offered things Chevy never had and once it was gone Pontiac was just a label. 


The Fiero was the last real full Pontiac. It was only sold by Pontiac, It was built in Pontiac and if it had a 4 cylinder it had a Pontiac engine. 


As for the 84 they never offered Skirts. You may have an older model or a Parisian skirt.