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Rides from the Readers: 1974 Plymouth Scamp

Today’s featured car is a 1974 Plymouth Scamp. Essentially a Dodge Dart Swinger with different badging, the Scamp was introduced in 1971 and sold through 1976. The ’74 models are distinguished from the previous model year by their enlarged rear bumpers, which grew in response to federal impact standards. The rear lights migrated upward and out of the bumper in ’74, as well. 


This particular Scamp is powered by Chrysler’s venerable 318 and belongs to Josh Miller, who—together with his father, Victor—repainted the car this spring.


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I've known Victor for years. He is true craftsman at anything he works on. I remember we were working on 69 Mach 1 & we didn't have dolly to fit in hard to get to area. Vic went outside & came back in with one of my Dad's plow sheers & fixed the dent. Glad that he is passing some of his creativity down to his sons. Royce Fink


As a busy father of two and all around family man I haven't had a whole lot of time and money to put in to my project. I told my wife ,when I bought the Scamp around 2005, that as long as I could keep her road worthy and inspected that I could wait to do restorations. My goal is to make it through the next few years until our boys are out of school to really tear into it. Until then it will be a little at a time.  Thanks for sharing our story!