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Rides from the Readers: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Today's featured car is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Though Chevrolet did not introduce significant mechanical changes in 1969, the final model year of the first-gen Camaro wore unique sheetmetal, sporting a more prominent "V" in its front grille that produced a more aggressive fascia. The body lines trailing behind each wheel are also visual giveaways. The 1970 Camaro had the benefit of a larger budget and more planning time, but for those who treasure the historical allure of the 1967–69 cars, there's no substitute.


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Replies (1)

Replies (1)

Who cares if it's perfect or not? I love it! And that comment came from a dyed in the wool Fomoco guy. I always wanted a 1st Gen Camaro. I had a 2nd Gen, and two of my high school friends had 1 Gens. Bothe were '69s. One was an SS, and the other a Z/28. Both were great rides as is yours. 

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