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Hagerty Employee

Rides from the Readers: 1937 Packard Super Eight

Today’s featured vehicle is a 1937 Packard Super Eight formal sedan. Distinguished visually by a four-door layout paired with a solid, padded top, this body style—like all other 1937 Super Eights—rode on a 134-inch wheelbase that shrunk five inches from that of the 1936 cars. The straight-eight engine also downsized for this model year, from 385 cubic inches to 320 and from 150 hp to 130. Assuming you’re not able to calculate displacement on the fly, and given the very subtle exterior design changes, you might glance under the hood and note the placement of the choke actuator. In the ’37 cars, this was integrated into the exhaust manifold.


Despite losing the statistics battle to its ’36 predecessor, the ’37 Super Eight boasts a commanding presence—and today’s all-original example brings with it a truly princely lineage ... Read the full article on



Beautiful. Simply. Beautiful. Love the Packards of this era and wish that they could be our lasting memories instead of the bathtub-shaped ones near their demise. This is one classy automobile👍