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Ride shotgun in the 2021 Ford Bronco two-door

Pale Michigan dust swirls through the open roof of the 2021 Bronco as we jostle down the 18-degree incline and surf up a 19-degree hill. Around a bend, a placid basin of water appears and the Ford engineer hardly lifts the throttle as we splash through it, producing giant fluid arcs on either side. Amazingly, none of it invades the doorless sides of the 4×4.


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Replies (3)

Replies (3)

Lately, all of us living in the foothills of the NYS Adirondacks have been subjected to constant whining about the invasion of ADK hiking trails by Covid-avoiding city slickers-come-north.  And the horrible destruction those SoHo shod feet are doing to our 'fragile' trails, and of course over-parking their Jeeps along barely two-lane roads.

Wouldn't it be irony-chocked fun for Ford to name and sponsor Bronco announcement events at the ADK Trailheads?  ADK Trailheads

Hint: the audience would be perfect.

Pit Crew

now this was a good move by ford all the old broncos have rusted away  great rigs



Hagerty Employee