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Hagerty Employee

Ride eternal in 13 apocalyptic Mad Max: Fury Road rides, now up for sale

It's truly a lovely day for movie-car aficionados. Lloyd's Classic Car Auctions is offering up 13 of the most extreme motion-picture cars from one of the coolest post-apocalyptic flicks this side of Zombieland.

Crying shame what was done to those vehicles
New Driver

Absolutely!!! It's a crime against humanity!!! How dare they!!!!!
When I saw the non correct paint colors I nearly fainted!!! My bloomers practically fell off!!!!
Advanced Driver

Yeah, how dare they rescue them from the junkyard before they could be recycled into appliances or other cars.
New Driver

I'm sure they all came from a junkyard...


Pit Crew

I have room for the GIGAHORSE if the price is right.
Intermediate Driver

Loved the movie and am blown away at the fabrication work that went into making those vehicles.

My fantasy wish is that somebody buys all of them together, then opens up an amusement park/year round burning man festival where knuckleheads like myself could go and play post-apocalyptic armageddon games. With the appropriate release waivers signed and notarized upon entry of course!

Over-boogied fur sur!
New Driver

I'll take the Interceptor and Imperator Furiosa in the passenger's seat.
New Driver

Looks like the Interceptor came from a Ford Maverick and not a Falcon.
Intermediate Driver

Aussie Falcon.

I've never been a fan of those cars, but then again.. I did'nt like the movies either.

Those involved must have had a hell of a good time making these machines; I imagine that it will take a large Barn (maybe acreage?) to store some of these.
Intermediate Driver

I have never seen the movies, but these are absolute rolling works of art. For any worried purists, I am sure that they were made from rusted out hunks.

You owe it to yourself to watch Road Warrior, the second in the franchise. If that one doesn't hook you with is edge-of-your-seat chase footage, don't bother with any of the others.

Mad Max is one of those things they did right the first time. The original cars were a little crazy but still had a utilitarian improvised look that fit the theme of the movie. I haven't seen Fury Road but I anticipate overblown CGI reboot-cheesiness to match these cars. These things look like they came out of a rat rod shop where crazy and ridiculous were the design specifications. You won't be seeing me digging in my pockets for one
New Driver

Fury Road was a solid movie that was quite loved by fans of the previous films. It's most notable feature, in fact, was the extent to which practical effects were used. The CGI was largely limited to settings. Pretty much every stunt, vehicle, and wreck was real.

What I liked about the originals was the gritty realism... from a plot perspective. I just can't see how you can fit those wild overblown creations into a realistic plotline where people are fighting to the death over a few gallons of fuel and the last supercharged V8. Those cars look almost like satirical caricatures of the originals.  


You should watch the film this weekend - you will not be disappointed

I will take it under advisement. I expect a good action movie. I do not expect anything close to re-creation of Australia's Star Wars

New Driver

If you take the time to read through how the “Mad Max” movies were made, one thing that stands out and George Miller stayed true to was not relying on CGI for the special effects. In the original movie, he didn’t have any choice as the budget was minuscule.

MM:FR was no exception (obviously the budget had increased substantially since 1979). The stunts and vehicles are real. There was a very limited use CGI effects.

I will watch these many times before I waste my time on the “Fast and Furious” franchise….but that’s just me.
New Driver

Perfect vehicles to be used as art cars at Burning Man!