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Hagerty Employee

Ride along as Derek Bell hot-laps Lime Rock in a Porsche 962 | Hagerty Media

The sale of Lime Rock Park prompted a gloomy mood for us yesterday, so we were in need of a pick me up, and nothing raises the spirit like watching Derek Bell properly cane a Porsche 962 around Lime Rock's 1.5 -mile road course. It's pretty much the ultimate Thursday motivator.
Pit Crew

I saw a SCCA sportscar race at Lime Rock in the '80s: lots of VW Rabbits, Saab Sonnets etc. One car (a Rabbit?) ran wide at Uphill and drove two wheels on the dirt and two wheels on the guardrail for 50 feet or so before dropping back to the ground and getting back on track. The driver kept on the gas, lost maybe one or two positions at most. THAT was commitment...
Pit Crew

I was at Lime Rock in July 1959 with my parents, my college roommate--I'd just graduated--and his parents when Roger Ward in a dirt-track Offy midget beat George Constantine's DBR1 Aston Martin in what has been called the greatest race ever. It was a USAC formula libre run-what-ya-brung event. There were two dozen other world-famous drivers and incredible cars in the event, but I don't remember a single one of them, the Ward-Constantine race was that thrilling. There was a pass, sometimes multiple passes, on every lap.

Little did I know that half a century later, Lime Rock would become my own home track, when I would ineptly batter my way around it in the 911 track car that I built, and wrote about in my book "The Gold-Plated Porsche."

Oh, and my best friend at college was a guy named Skip Barber. He was at the time racing a Bugeye Sprite. Again, little did I know...

Good thing there wasn't a microphone in Mr. Bell's helmet as I'm pretty sure there were some choice words spoken as he was held up by the white 911 that refused to move over and let him by.
Pit Crew

I thought the same thing at first, and another Porsche at that!

But he tried to go inside when it looked like the 911 was giving everyone the outside the whole race. I think Bell screwed himself there.


Notwithstanding enormous speed and skill differences; when he’s getting held up behind that 911, it reminds me of every time I’m on the road.
Intermediate Driver

Agreed, but at least HE was checking his mirror(s) before making a "lane change" - unlike most knuckleheads on the 'Freakways' here in Kalifornia...
Pit Crew

My favorite Lime Rock memory was can diving in the 90’s. The used to collect as many cans as possible, and on the Sunday night before the Memorial Day race, people ( not women, they were too smart), would run and dive into piles of cans, as artistically as possible, in front of judges
Intermediate Driver

A person would have to a very strong and fit athlete to successfully race long distance based solely on how much the head moves. Extremely strong neck muscles amazing.

That was my biggest discovery when I did my first track event at the age of 64. At the end of that day and every track day since, I have been completely exhausted. I have a great appreciation of what it takes to drive professionally. The mental preparation is only half of it. These guys have to be physically fit, too.

I particularly enjoyed seeing and feeling Derek's inner aggression meter tick up as he began to creep upon drivers ahead. Akin to a shark's aggressive maneuvering tactics when sensing blood in the water. Cars ahead soon became cars behind. Fun to watch.