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Hagerty Employee

Richard Hammond is selling his car and bike collection to help fund new restoration business

If there is one thing any entrepreneur will tell you is key to the smooth and successful running of a business, it's cash flow. Richard Hammond appears to be learning that the hard way, after announcing that he will sell part of his prized collection of classic cars and motorcycles to help fund his latest business venture.

I'll take the Lotus. It will be interesting to see what becomes of his business. Sounds pretty cool to me.


No Amazon money like Clarkson for his farming.  Too bad.  Discovery+, another stupid thing to subscribe to.  Hard pass.

Intermediate Driver

Again... another streaming service to pay for in order to see good stuff.......? So to see this I have to have Discovery +.... to see Top Gear.....Motor Trend Streaming.... to see Grand Tour.... Amazon.... so........... why are we even paying for the (former) convenience of Uverse, Comcast? Anyone else getting tired of all the streaming services in order to see one or two shows other than local shows?
Community Manager

+1, times a million!