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Hagerty Employee

Revisiting a special twin-engine Honda CRX

To celebrate the end of the Malaise Era (circa 1973-1983), when cars struggled to accelerate out of their shadows, car magazines kicked off a period of unadulterated craziness. One highlight I fondly remember from my career in those days was a twin-engine Honda we constructed at Car and Driver: Project Synchronicity CR-X2. During a recent trip to Florida, I was fortunate to reconnect with my old Honda sweetheart.


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Where did the rear radiator sit?

Advanced Driver

Coolant flow from the rear engine was routed through the large, single front-mounted radiator.

Pit Crew

Thanks for that trip down memory lane. I loved the original article all the more as I owned a white 1G CRX at the time. But I didn't remember the Accord engine swap...or maybe I missed an issue of CandD. Those early-ish years of Car and Driver are like Saturday Night Live with the original cast, a little crazy but fondly remembered.