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Hagerty Employee

Review: Volvo P1800 Cyan

Restomods, recreations, reimaginations, or whatever term you care to use have been gathering pace within the car community, giving many of us something about which to daydream. Now you'd best set aside more minutes of your working day (come on … admit it) because into the scene comes a World Touring Car Championship-winning racing team with set on offering a totally overhauled classic coupe that brings a quality of thinking and level of detail that, well, bears the hallmarks of a world-class motor racing team.


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If I'm reading this right, by building a new car around a spark plug, it's road legal to register and drive?

Intermediate Driver

In California I believe you have to meet the emissions levels of the donor engine.


Intermediate Driver

If I had $500k to spend on a car (which I don't), there are many other more beautiful and interesting cars to buy than this one....which is probably why only two have been built.   And I love the P1800.

Advanced Driver

It looks tremendously better than the original. But for that kind of cash I want Italian exotic. 


$500K, no way.


A very young and "perceived to be hip" teacher in our High School had one of the original  P1800 Volvos in the late 60's/ early 70's. Probably had some weed seeds in glove box or on the carpet?

 Although I am generally a USA/GM car and truck person, that is one car that I would consider finding to bring back to "driver" status (now that I have the time and some money). Brings me back just seeing this resto/remake/whatever car.

Intermediate Driver

God bless em, more "new cars" that breathe. Not a computer on a stick. Kudos all around. This was / is (in my opinion) the most beautiful Volvo ever made.

Advanced Driver

$500,000? No thanks. I could get a great Ford GT at auction and have a couple hundred grand left over.


Absolutely beautiful modernization of the P1800. But how about the same body with just a normal factory engine, transmission, and suspension, selling for something more like $50,000? 


I love this car but 500k??????  I'd rather buy a nicely restored one for 25k and add stuff to it as I drive it to make it more fun to drive.

Intermediate Driver

Beautiful P1800. Volvo lovers probably disagree.  It's funny that we live in an age where a street car would come with a Titanium roll cage! Most likely,  that $500k pays for that and the carbon fiber body. Seems kinda silly to try and make the rest rather old school.

Advanced Driver

The P1800 was a 'Beautiful Design'.