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Review: The new Morgan Plus Four has been 70 years in the making

Seventy years ago, it must have been difficult to imagine two cars more divergent than the Morgan Plus 4 and Land Rover Defender. But recently Morgan and Land Rover found themselves at the same crossroads: both were custodians of instantly recognizable and idiosyncratic English icons, but both cars had evolved glacially from post-war roots and were dated, cramped, not particularly safe in an accident, and saddled with shaky ladder chassis and live axles that bucked and tremored at the merest suggestion of B-road. They drove as though possessed by the same gyrating Elvis, but thankfully both were to be reinvented with new aluminum chassis and independent suspensions.


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I have owned 3 Morgan plus eights. The p8 was a Morgan with a Buick/ rover v8 engine. Faster than an a jaguar xke at the end of the nineteen sixties. A very unique car available in 6 and 8 cylinder engines blending the old with the new. 


What the blazes is a fly-off hand brake?

Community Manager

It's a handbrake without a ratcheting mechanism, and it's apparently real good for rally racing. 


To set a fly-off handbrake (emergency brake in N America), pull up the lever and push in the button against the ratchet teeth, instead of pushing the button in to release it. This type of hand brake facilitates "handbrake turns" where you break the back end loose to spin the car around a tight turn. 


The only antique that you can buy brand new!