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Hagerty Employee

Review: Tesla Model Y Performance

This amorphous hatchback is likely the most important car debut of 2020. Just as the Model 3 upended the segment for compact luxury sedans once ruled by the BMW 3-series, the Model Y is poised to rewrite the playbook for compact luxury crossovers, which are, like it or not, one of the chief breadwinners of the modern auto industry ...


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That is one ugly vehicle. 


Ugly?  It's hideous.  Also, the author forgot to mention that to buy one you are required at least two of the following:  a man bun, a fedora, a fade haircut with a can of pomade, facial hair, pointy shoes. Hey Cameron, have you seen the Audi etron??  How in the world is this anonymous blob going to outsell that??
Intermediate Driver

I have put 2500 miles on my Y, and I agree completely that it is as ugly as an old sneaker. The accelleration and stereo is what keeps me smiling. I am confused by the author's inability to use the door handle, though. Press with your thumb, pull with your fingers. Makes sense. I think the author is doing it wrong. 

Hagerty Employee
Hagerty Employee

Quite possibly! Other reviewers have noted the door handle design as well. Thanks for writing! --Joe DeMatio

A Tesla has no soul.


I'm thinking about a Mach E, quite a statement vehicle from Ford.


Just as butt-ugly as everything else being made today, with parts you'll never be able to find in 10 years.  No thanks!


Absolutely not. A car designed for the aesthetic illiterate, tasteless exterior design, quite right about social smartphone slaves brought up on Ikea, disgusting. I can afford several. I wouldn't go near them.

I collect old cars instead. And drive them. I haven't had my coffee yet.


I don't get it?? Ugly, expensive, inconvenient, not environmentally friendly, huge iPad plastered on the dash and like the iPad when it breaks you throw it away.  It has gobs of acceleration, but so does a 1969 Cadillac. 

At least the Cadillac has looks going for it.

Intermediate Driver

All the Teslas look the same to me.  Why haven't they built a real "sports car"?  You know, like their 1st car.  Give it some curves, style and a real dash.  Yes, it will be heavy but, the electro-power for speed and wide rubber could make it handle.

Intermediate Driver

I really don't care much what a car looks like, if its pretty that's a plus, if it's ugly it better be useful. Electric cars, however, are like a cloud of impending doom. Quiet, soulless, and no manual gearbox to keep you entertained. 

The technology is cool and it is an American company leading the way; those are good things. The death of the ICE and of real involved driving, not looking forward to that.

Pit Crew

First of all, I want to like the new technology and electric cars.  My grandfather bought a CitiCar in 1975 and he let me drive it all around his property (I was 11 years old).  But this car is bland and unattractive and the dashboard is hideously dull.  The only interior feature appears to be a huge iPad in the middle of the car.  That is not the kind of driving experience I want.  I have to agree with spark123, a 1969 Cadillac has a lot more going for it even though it is 50 year old technology.


Every Tesla front end reminds me of Neo in 'The Matrix' when Smith skins his mouth closed. I can't shake it. They need to figure out a grille.


Despite that, I thought the Model Y was kind of cute in the first picture. Then I read that those are 21 inch wheels, and I realized that this thing is just another one of the burgeoning bevy of behemoths polluting our roads of late. No thank you, no thank you, no thank you.