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Hagerty Employee

Review: Garmin Catalyst

It takes three laps, more or less, for the thing to start talking. Before that, it just sits there, watching you drive. The device is preloaded with hundreds of tracks. Those circuits are scattered around the world, from heavy hitters like Daytona and Le Mans to small-timers like the half-mile oval at the Nashville Fairgrounds.
Advanced Driver

"Any track not in the software can be added through a relatively simple process—drive a lap with the device running and push a few buttons, and boom, new circuit in the system."

So by "track"... definitely not ever, ever the neighborhood errand loop? Shave a few tenths off the segment from the pharmacy to the dry-cleaners?

The I'm running late to church, grocery store, friends house, etc. will never be the same!
Intermediate Driver

How does it work in the parking lot auto-x? That may be of interest to the car club enthusiast.