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Review: Cadillac CT4-V

What’s the opposite of the Love Boat? The HATE TANK! What’s the opposite of the BMW Cimarron, aka M235i Gran Coupe? Why, it’s the Cadillac 320i, aka the CT4-V! That’s right! Billy Butler Yeats never saw a world like 2020, where the Bimmers lack all longitudinally-mounted conviction and the Cadillacs are full of passionate 2.7 Turbo intensity!


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Pretty good review, hits the highs and lows without dwelling or beating on them and did a good job early on by pointing out that you really can't take the V designation seriously any more. I had to chuckle about the red painted calipers being an extra cost option. They shouldn't be available on this car at all, and certainly paying extra to look like some high school kid who bought it with a salvage title and made it mo better doesn't make sense. Leave the red calipers to the tuner crowd, thank you. I think the car is a good offering at the price and its strongest feature might be the fact bat with Ford getting out of this market,  Lincoln owners may shopping for Cadillacs soon. I miss a few things in my Lincoln that I liked about my old Cadillac STS, but I figured it was time to step away from some GM unreliability for a while and check out some potential Ford unreliability. 😉

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