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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Wagoneer Series II 4x4

The virtues of the average minivan are undeniable, but many of today's parents simply don't care. They've turned to large crossovers to haul kin and kit. Many often go straight to the XL aisle, landing some truck-derived mega-ute for family transport. In the upper echelons of this segment, carmakers compete fiercely for serious dollars-and serious profit margins.

The B and C pillars make this thing look clunky. An old school Wagoneer has a much better looking greenhouse, too bad they didn’t do a modern version of that.
New Driver

Jesus why is no one talking about how ugly this thing is?? The wheels and grille are too small, the belt line is bloated and the windows look like they were drawn on by a 1st grader. It’s embarrassing… Jeep messed up with this one
Intermediate Driver

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An old saying but still worth mentioning and Jesus has nothing to do with it.

It does look a little awkward from side profile. I am not sure what it is. Tahoes and Expeditions and even new Sequoia are big but don't look as boxy. I like the interior. These are good candidates for real hybridization if Jeep can pull that off. A turbo six cylinder hybrid may improve fuel efficiency considerably.

Intermediate Driver

"Going by street reaction, the whole “premium extension of the Jeep brand” thing, as the PR materials put it, is still a bit fuzzy for most of America."

here in the northeast, optioned up Grand Cherokees have been an inconspicuous wealth car for almost a decade now. As those cars are passed to the original owners kids, i am already seeing these Grand Wagoneers/Wagoneers parked up and down Greenwich avenue and in ski resort parking lots. This car is going to hit upper middle class america square in the jaw, cramming every daycare pickup, nordstroms, and starbucks drivethru to the breaking point

Anecdotal sales assumptions aside, the verdict is out if these things are going to sell or not. Not sure how many people plunk down $100k+ in cash for an automobile, but with interest rates set to go up and go up (potentially) quickly, a 5% or 6% car loan on $100k will certainly cause some issues....
Intermediate Driver

The older I get, the more I appreciate the iconic shapes of groundbreaking vehicles. The Porsche 911 (on our 4th), our 1973 Porsche 914, our 71 Chevy C20 pick up, the SAAB 99 (had 5), and our 88 Grand Wagoneer. All have silhouettes recognizable from a quarter mile on a clear day. All take me to a time, an event, a feeling of genuine breakthrough on the automotive landscape.

Alas, the new version of the Grand Wagoneer is yet another disappointment in reviving a model. This lump blends in with just about every other large SUV on the road. It brings nothing new to the large luxury SUV party. It will be interesting to see if the 7 slot grill is enough to pull in nostalgic customers.

We will keep our new Yukon Denali on order at this point.

Looks like a budget Telluride. And breaking traction on snow or ice due to drivetrain-induced weight shifts makes it unworthy of the Jeep name. It is a California Chrysler.
Advanced Driver

It's a better effort than the Commander. Remember that Jeep? They kind of phoned that one in.
I'd take one of these Wagoneers, but I think I am getting cynical in my old age. All I hear about those interior options is...this is going to break and oh yea, this is going to be obsolete, and no, you don't really need this or is something else that will cost you an arm and a leg to fix. I guess if you have $100k to spend on a truck, good for you, but all that stuff breaks.
Pit Crew

At least the Commander looked like a Jeep and it’s drivetrain was all Jeep.  It’s available QuadraDrive II used front and rear electronically controlled differentials.  Can’t even get that feature today.  


Close to $100K for a Jeep? No, thanks. I really enjoyed my 2004 Lincoln Aviator back in the day. It came with a Cobra engine and a tuned suspension, but also a long list of TSBs with at least one that should have been a recall. I am more of a value buyer now. It will be interesting to see what kind of TSBs are generated by these vehicles considering their complexity and the history of reliability in their lesser appointed relatives.

That upswing at the rear corner/ pillar ruins the look for me. And yes the windows look like they were drawn by a little kid. What's with car manufacturers these days pumping out odd looking rigs?
New Driver

Why no rear end photos? I guess it’s as butt ugly as the rest of the vehicle.
Pit Crew

Not a great review. It’s a shame that these vehicles are just getting more and more expensive.

The comment of “weight shift loses traction” and “makes snowy highways stressful” is a major fail if you are about to drop 100k.