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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Volkswagen Taos SEL | Hagerty Media

Should the Taos-Volkswagen's latest subcompact crossover-be fated to thrive, it must initially do so in defiance of a word: drought. The apparently omnipresent industry microchip shortage is forcing the German auto-giant to launch the Taos on an initial shipment of just 8000 units, while navigating uncertainty in the future of chip supply.
Intermediate Driver

Seems like another middle of the road SUV but it will sell well.
New Driver

I like the style of it - reminds me of the original short Tiguan that we owned for 10 years, except that had a 200 hp GTI engine under the hood. VW seems to be compromising on the side of gas mileage, as the detuned 2.0 TDI seems to show in the newer Tig and base Atlas models, and now relying on a 1.5 TDI for the Taos is another snoozer. Hopefully other engine options (the 2.0TDI in this one would probably work fine) will be available.