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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge

With the Black Badge test vehicle provided to Hagerty last week, Rolls-Royce has managed to do the nearly impossible; it's made the plain-Jane Ghost that I drove a year and a half ago seem like a cracking value. Don't believe me?
Pit Crew

As an avowed mouth-breather, the existence of this car only serves to make me wish I'd bought a Continental Coach Door Edition.

Doesn't buying a Ghost announce to the world that your pockets aren't really all that deep? You might as well leave the BHPH license plate surround on your McLaren while you're at it.

Once more you've displayed your knack: You can accurately and succinctly describe the RR without getting snarky (which you could easily do). I like "uniquity" and "peoples'".

Many peoples would call its uniquity an iniquity.

$484,950!!! 😱😱

$484,950? That much money can buy a nice house in suburban Columbus.

I watch a lot of "overland" truck and car campers on YouTube. I wonder if anyone's ever tried living in their Rolls-Royce.
Intermediate Driver

Yeah, but ...
You can live in your car, but you can't drive your house.

Honestly I rather have a Yukon Denali. I can sit higher, and fit in with rest of humanity on highways and not look like some desperate dude trying to flaunt my wealth. Yukon Denali or its other two brothers are plenty luxurious and powerful and roomy. May be it is my age, but nowadays I enjoy not standing out with Roll Royce of any kind in the world we live in.

It seems to me the Ghost is really not worth the trouble as a car to be chauffeured in, unless you go for the extended-wheelbase (EWB) option.

At least this one doesn't have its roots in the F01/F02 7 Series and is on a Rolls-Royce specific platform. Also, the addition of AWD is nice.
Pit Crew

I'm just curious what you bought for $145K? I haven't spent more than $52K on a new car (grin).
Intermediate Driver

Same here.
In today's inflated market, my latest purchase was a '22 Forester Touring with every bell/whistle attached. $38K retail, I paid $35K and they gave me nearly that for the '18 Forester Touring I traded that had 44K miles on it...
Intermediate Driver

And yes, I know. A Subaru is NOT a Rolls...

AMG S-Class Benz, back in financially happier days!
Advanced Driver

“Remember how Honda used to do those “HPD” variants of Accords, where you had to pay nine grand for a goofy body kit and wheels, but the car wasn’t any better? This is an HPD Accord for people with a Centurion Card.”

Well said! 🍺
Intermediate Driver

I think if you chose a pearl white instead of black exterior it would at least LOOK more expensive and the Orange accent with black badges would play beautifully together. This black on black them with no break even on the interior really makes it hard to see the beauty that is typically a Rolls-Royce finish.

I'm more in the $25k used market anyways, but people... order cars with good options and color schemes so I can get them at 80% off in 7 or 8 years!

Murdered-out 300's were more Bentley-ish than Rolls but the example still fits. This looks like a Rolls with pinstriping on it.

I can only quote Spinal Tap...
Nigel Tufnel : It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

The side view with all doors open displays the  bankrupt theme of Cinderfella's hollowed out pumpkin. Add black paint and the "Mandarin Orange" pinstripe to proclaim trick or treat to anyone with a dollop of knowledge  beyond press releases served as journalism and Kelley Blue Book. "Mandarin" underscores Rolls-Royce's metier has always been marketing, since 85% of today's R-Rs go where most Buicks go, China, the rest to oil-rich Bedouins whose knowledge of the company's history nil, only that this is what wealthy Westerners were long taught to aspire to, and now it's there turn at the trough.

One of England's leading auto writers, Laurence Pomeroy, long ago, when Derby was already cribbing from Buick and Packard, dismissed R-Rs as "a triumph of craftsmanship over engineering."  Most R-R and all 1933-on Bentley engines through 1958 but the 700 complex, troublesome 1936-39 Phantom IIIs mild outgrowth of the junior 1922 Twenty model, itself based on the 1920 Buick Six, tho' in the words of another respected Brit motoring journalist of yore, "not so good" as the Flintmobile.

Take it from the English, who do not suffer fools, leaving that to wealthy Colonials, and now the tech rich of Asia and the Middle East willing to buy a cosmetically finessed BMW.

At the debut of Crewe's new V-8 63 years ago, its well lubricated chief engineer blurted out,
"It's bloody near as good as the Chrysler."

The above has all the charm of another in your face brick, the current Chrysler 300, as Jack aptly suggests above.

Pit Crew

Why is the Bespoke Audio "underwhelming" in this car, when in the same writer's review of the Cullinan he avers that it is incredible. Held to be tantamount to a $40,000 Bricasti system and, "at 10 grand, it's a bargain"? Inquiring minds need to know.

That's the problem when you do the review live instead of from a press-trip spec sheet: not everything goes according to plan.

The BA system in the Cullinan is brilliant. Here, it's got poor resonance control, indifferent staging, and limp dynamics.

Keep in mind that the two cars may not share anything more than the name between their systems. OEM audio installations are engineered for specific platforms during primary engineering. You might not even have the same people on the project. As a similar example, the Revel Ultima system in the Lincoln Continental is breathtaking; in the more expensive Navigator it's merely good.
Intermediate Driver

You did it again Mr. Neveu.