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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

What do you expect from a mid-size pickup truck? Is it purely for work, hauling & towing, and helping you do business? Is it a family shuttle, schlepping kids around on a daily basis? Is it purely a toy, used to trek to off-road getaways for the weekend or perhaps longer?
Intermediate Driver

So dated already. Minimum effort but unlike Toyota who gets away with it, Nissan can't. Rule of thumb is that the newest entry into its respective segment should be the best given they had everything to benchmark against. When its not the best, like the Frontier here, their really is no excuse. Funny that in 2009, Nissan made a 3.7L V6 with 332hp while in 2020/2021 Nissan makes a 3.8L V6 with 310hp.
Intermediate Driver

The new 3.8ltr is not only a different engine but it much, much better. That 3.7 didn't make torque the same way... never mind how much smoother the new setup is than the old.

It's a new, old style truck for people who want that.

People who want a new style truck are going Maverick.

Don’t forget that manufacturers are constantly under pressure to lower emissions and raise MPG. One way of doing that is to de-rate an engine, the same “trick” manufacturers used in the Malaise Era.
Hagerty Employee

Hmmm, would look better in triple black......

Looks like a decent if out of date truck. Maybe if they throw some cash at you it might be a value proposition but right now it isn't.
Advanced Driver

Re: "Nissan is aiming the PRO-4X at the heart of the truck enthusiast market: people who want a truck to act like a truck" Really? If that's the case, then offer a manual transmission option, for those of us who enjoy rowing thru the gears.

How many trucks sold in the last 15 years had manual transmissions? I’m guessing very few. The market has spoken. Even manly truck buyers prefer autos.
New Driver

I’m ok with the design and I don’t think it looks dated at all. I want a truck that looks like a truck. Fuel economy in a midsized pickup should be better than my eco boost F150 though. I think the 2023 Ranger due out sometime next year will blow this away.
New Driver

I own a 2022 and the off road features aren't protected like they should be. I drive on 2 miles of gravel and in 600 kms paint chips running up along back doors. I can see getting stone chips along the bottom but not up along the opening of back doors. Checked with Nissan they tell you how to fix it with 3m or steps. I can see that it can happen to but not in 600 kms at 50kms an hour on the gravel. As advertised as off road but without good protection won't have any paint left along the back door openings. Thanks for reading