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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL S-AWC

This is everything you need to know about the refreshed-for-2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in a single sentence: If you couldn't buy one, you'd really want to buy one. Wait. Hear me out. The Eclipse Cross is the only Japanese small crossover you can buy. I don't mean Japanese- brand small crossover.
Intermediate Driver

I think Mazda is still pretty Japanese with most of its design in Hiroshima (with a little in Irvine) and at least their CUV’s still being built in Japan (until the joint Toyota factory in the US comes on line and they build that overland-y CUV thing).

I do enjoy that my Mazda is stubbornly Japanese. Heck, I'd say that the Soichiro Honda spirit of "to hell with everyone else, we're gonna do it our way" is more present in modern Mazda than it is in modern Honda.

The Japanese heritage is still present in Lexus as well, though it's less pronounced in their very American best-sellers, the ES, NX, and RX.

It usually takes time for us to appreciate such vehicles. I smile now when I see a modified first-gen Forester or CR-V around in a way that I didn't 15-20 years ago when they were incredibly commonplace.

Well, back then a stick-shift 1st-gen CR-V seemed crummy because we had stick-shift Civics to compare them with 🙂

Mitsubishi, once maker of great Rally EVO's, the 3000GT VR-4, Eclipse GSX and the Galant VR-4 as well as fun rally Pajero's. This is none of the fun of the glory days. I miss them for that. I will not miss them when they disappear from the states.

Kinda cute, actually, for one of these small crossovers, so many of which look like the styling team got to the C or D pillar and had no clue how to finish the thing. I like the idea, too, that it displays "national character". A CVT would be a deal-killer for me, but other than that, this vehicle could have potential.

When the first photos of the Cayenne started appearing 20 years ago, I remember being unimpressed by the bland rear styling. Using mediocre Photoshop skills, I modified it to look like a cross between the 911 and something from the Dakar Rally “car” class, then posted the finished product on my favourite car forum.
Consensus was that a fastback SUV would never fly - people buy them for practicality.

Fast forward half a decade and the success of the X6, followed by the many rival facsimiles, vindicated my view that the priority for Porsche should have been on the perception of a “dynamic” lifestyle. The Cayenne didn’t need to be practical, just more practical than the 911.

Flash forward to exactly a year ago and I was provided a rental Eclipse Cross in Tasmania - with the need to fit 2 child seats, a large stroller and a week’s luggage for 4 of us. I quickly discovered those forum detractors had a point…
Pit Crew

I fail to see the long term plan for Mitsubishi. They are plagued with the same subprime customers as Nissan, and (rip)Scion. Uncompetitive cars and customers who don’t plan on making payments, is not a good long term strategy.