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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Mercedes-Benz S500 4Matic

While driving the 2022 Mercedes-Benz S500 4Matic, I glided-it glides everywhere-up to a four-way stop in Los Angeles about the same time as the driver of a two-tone, late-model Rolls-Royce Ghost. He looked at me. I looked at him. He went. I followed.

Clever lede and good article. However, you should be aware that "plotz" is a Yiddish word meaning to explode or burst. Probably not something you'd want to do on caramel-colored hides.

It's a shame they're such a common sight and depreciate so rapidly. But then neither of things matter to the people who lease them for tax write-offs and want to fit in with the crowd at the country club or executive parkade.

I have to say that this current model is an improvement over the last model in the exterior.

However there is nothing luxurious about giant tablets in a car. At this point it looks down market -- a cheap solution to instrument panels. In a real luxury car there are meticulously crafted real instruments. If there's a screen, it's hidden and rises when needed.

My sentiments exactly.

Also why my next ride will most likely not be a Benz. I drive an E-Wagon (I have a kid), my wife a GLS. I *hate* her interior screens. They're two and a half years old, and showing signs of dimming already. MB sure as heck won't be replacing them for dimming.

The look and feel cheap. Like a software engineer hired to build a videogame, not a interior design expert creating a beautiful dash.

My E was the last year, last few months, W212. The last one with a proper dash (a major part of the reason I bought it.) It will most likely be my last Benz as well. Genuinely disappointing on so many levels.

They're not the car they used to be... Even my W211 was leaps and bounds better than this car for interior quality, fit, finish, and durability.
Pit Crew

Aaron-I am going to key in on your use of the word, “annoying”.

I want to like this brand, but there are too many things which intrude on the driving experience. To be blunt, let the driver drive. Although I have not driven this S series, I own an 2019 A220, and a 2021 GLC 43 AMG SUV.

The technology is forever coming into play when it isn’t needed, and ruining the driving feel.
1-When using cruise (for example, set on 75) on a highway, with no other cars around, the system slows to 55 on a curve. And if the speed limit changes, the cruise does too.
2-During around town driving, when stopped waiting to make a left turn and a short window opens up, you step on the gas to make the turn, and the car lurch, lurch, lurches until the steering wheel is straight again.

I can’t wait to move back to either Porsche or BMW.

So true.

MB has lost it. I drive my old R107, R128, and W211-based CLK. They're proper German sports-sedans (Not sports-cars, mind you.)

The new Benzes have lost it. Completely. I'll be in BMW/Volvo land for my next dailies; I had a single Audi experience that sealed the VW/Porsche/Audi door for a long, long time... But, I did get well versed in the NY Lemon Law. 🙂

What a wasted effort. Externally it looks nice. The interior is gorgeous until you look at the dash then it falls apart. Big Ipad glued into the center console with little to no physical controls? Fail. Smaller Ipad glued behind the steering wheel for speedometer, etc.? Fail. I'd take the Lexus or Genesis, etc. over this as they have better controls for the driver. Actual physical controls for everyone. This double Ipad deal is horrible. These things will depreciate hard due to tech that is already out of date.

Not a fan of cars morphing into the blob shape. See the EQS. Now, with the addition of the mega ipad in the dash, the interior is trending downwards as well. Lastly, the last three vehicles that I have purchased all have interior lighting changeability. I have yet to change any of them. Seems gimmicky and if pretty much all the autos have this today, why bother?