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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Infiniti QX55 Sensory | Hagerty Media

"It looks like it's trying too hard." My 24-year-old friend tilted her head at the red Infiniti QX55 in the coffee shop parking lot. "Is it a car? Or an SUV?" "Well ... yes." "And why are the wheels so big?" "They're supposed to make you think of, you know, a sports car."

You have a knack for analogies.
Hagerty Employee

thank you!
Intermediate Driver

Just what the market needs; another roach-back SUV.
Intermediate Driver

Turbocharged, Direct injection, VVT and variable lift, CVT transmission with AWD, and now variable compression to boot! Infiniti will be testing the limits of their warranties for sure. I'll pass, too much inaccessible parts with high dollar price tags.
Pit Crew

Why wouldn't my daughter buy a Lexus? Stylish, more reliable than the various Euro-trash and a decent selection of models.

Nissan can't give its vehicles away (fleet vehicles excluded) so I am not surprised by the sales out of Infinity. This vehicle looks very similar to the disasters from honda and acura that were stuck between SUV or SAV or whatever they are calling these things. And they had the sense to drop those after a just a few model years lol. If this is what the young woke folks are supposed to drive, no wonder I don't like them.
New Driver

Grace, you mean to reference the cheaper GLB -- B like bravo, MB, for another market score. GLB-Class is a 2- or 3-row, FWD traverse engine platform product built in Mexico. GLB is a new class for USA in CY2020.
You'll recall that Nissan and Daimler once formed a product development relationship, one that no longer continues in the same form as to future products. It yielded some FWD based platform sharing vehicles built in Mexico, like the QX50/55 and the GLB and before those also the veritable twin GLA and QX30 small hatch-y things.
In contrast, MB's GLC-Class, the C of your article reference, differs greatly as a strictly 2-row, RWD longitudinal engine platform based crossover sold here since 2016 when it replaced the similarly RWD, boxier GLK as an updated successor. GLC models shipped to USA come from Bremen, Germany, maybe also elsewhere, but never this joint venture with Nissan plant in Mexico.
Alfa-numeric names get confusing, sure, but at least now MB's GL suffix letters correspond more naturally to its familiar sedan class labels and to general vehicle size class references than before their adjustment mid last decade. (GLS-Class, the S-Class of SUVs, and so on.) Infiniti names correspond to nothing innately comprehensible other than their ostensible lineup positions relative to one another, apparently something Nissan expects consumers on the street to have already internalized.
Perhaps consider correcting your text as its current inaccuracies arguably harm the credibility if this otherwise considered reporting.
Hagerty Employee

Thanks for your input and close attention, @Mustbemanual . I did indeed get my lines crossed between the GLB and the GLC, and have since updated the story.