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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Honda CBR300R ABS

Picture this: You're hanging around the Rock Store at the top of Mulholland Highway with your rental Camry the day before you fly home. The leather-clad crowd around praises the virtues of the GSXR600 chassis and the electronics package on the R1 for what seems like hours before a voice from the ether comes down and declares that, in fact, all of that sucks.

The CBR has a modern classic look to me. They look like a fast bike sitting still.

The side fairings are much simpler than most of the larger full-fairing bikes. That and the general size really help it look simple and approachable.

Brandon takes nice pictures!

And he does it fast too!
Intermediate Driver

Miss my smaller bike. The Suzuki Bandit 400. Beautiful looking motorcyce.Unfortunatly no parts were available for it when it needed them 😞

I like the new generation of small displacement bikes. 40hp is the sweet spot, enough punch for the freeway and all grins in the twisties without getting too extra-legal. I spent two weeks on a KTM 390 Adventure and found it a pleasure on pavement and dirt roads. My only gripe on some of the small pocket rockets is they are two short for a 34" inseam.
Intermediate Driver

Sounds like a sweet little machine. I remember riding a friend's 1st gen Ninja 250 years ago on twisty NY Finger Lakes roads and coming away with a real appreciation of the thing. It's a lot of fun to wind out a mini sport bike to 12000RPM while staying at somewhat legal speeds.

I know its a useless comparison to make, but boy for $5k new for a new one of these smallbore sportbikes, for a beginning rider I'd point them right to an clean older Ninja 250/GS500/Ninja 500 for less than half the price (local midwest prices). Not as painful if you drop a cheaper used bike either.