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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Genesis G70 3.3T RWD Launch Edition

Even for those familiar with its brief history, the Genesis G70 is an oddity. It's a compact, performance-oriented luxury four-door from a largely unknown brand lacking any motorsports heritage-a marque whose name, just five years ago, denoted a full-size Hyundai sedan.

You may have found your niche. An excellent review; I may have to check out the car in person now.
Advanced Driver

Let the snobs eat kuchen. 😉

I wanted to like the G70 but the back seat is useless, you might as well buy a coupe. The not quite at the limit handling could have been better. The stability control and safety features in Hyundai cars can be incredibly annoying. If I was choosing I would choose the Stinger GT over the G70 for the better rear seat room and the hatchback utility.

So the car is cheaper, less powerful, and not as fast or quick as the bavarian cream puffs it is supposed to peform against? And the "Launch Edition" actually has zero to do with handling or, dare I say it, launching the car in a 0-60 sprint, it is a trim package lol?!? Certainly this car is not for me, but who is it for, thrifty, unsuspecting consumers?
New Driver

I don't consider nobody knowing what the heck I'm driving is it bad thing when I go zipping by them. How many times have you been sitting in a light and have somebody go by you and you going wtf was that.... This car will keep up with most cars in his class to the exception of the BMW. But with a very good warranty and a lot lower maintenance costs I can live with the perceived step down in class. For the battery goes dead in this I can go up to the store and get one. When a BMW battery goes out it gets told to the BMW ship they put a new battery in and have to authorize the battery to be in the car and charge you many many hundreds of dollars to do it. Pass
New Driver

Couple typos oops. Voice transcription is the best isn't it