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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 Ford Explorer Timberline

Despite the collector craze for 1990s vehicles and for off-roaders of all eras, early Ford Explorers remain something of a non-entity among car enthusiasts at large. Data from our valuation team tells us only a handful of people each month call Hagerty for insurance quotes on Explorers, and that they're still worth only about five grand.
Pit Crew

What gets me here is that lonely, lonely 3rd row seat.

Classic Ford move: all of that orange stitching and detailing lavished on the steering wheel, the door trim, and the 1st/2nd row seats, yet the 3rd row is a completely unadorned lump of black vinyl. I'm sure Ford saved a couple of bucks on that.

No doubt it will spend most of its life folded away, but details matter. And I can't be the only consumer who will notice.
Advanced Driver

Ford needs to make a consumer 2-row version of this trim and the ST. Put the police bracing in the rear for crash protection. It'll have a huge amount of cargo room, tow enough, and rice nicely. It'll still be horribly expensive, but this seems unavoidable now.
Intermediate Driver

Looks like Ford copied the red stripe from Hyundai Veloster.

Stripes make cars go faster.

Ford was sued over the roll-over issue. At one point, Ford claimed it did not have the knowledge of how to better protect occupants from death due to the roofs collapsing and crushing riders during a roll-over. They were finally confronted with the fact that another division of Ford - namely Volvo which Ford owned at the time - did have technological information that would prevent the collapsing roofs. Once again, death settlements (like with the exploding Pintos) seemed cheaper than recalls and corrections.

Another wheels and stripe package to lend the "offroad" appearance. Everyone else is doing it so i don't blame Ford for wanting a piece of that pie. Still pretty useless to me.
Intermediate Driver

Actually, the Jeep Grand Cherokee isn't available on the base level Laredo or the upscale Limited. It's only available on the Trailhawk and above which then prices out at $60,000+ minimum.
Intermediate Driver

Meant to say the Hemi isn't available on the Laredo or the Limited.

Given the ongoing success of the Maverick, I want to see Ford give the 2019+ Explorer the Honda Ridgeline treatment and bring back the Explorer Sport Trac. If you took this Timberline package (maybe give it another 1" of ground clearance), and axed the 3rd row for a short bed (say like the 4ish feet of the Maverick and original Sport Trac) I can see that being very attractive to a range of buyers. Given a choice between such a reimagined Sport Trac and a Subaru for the camping/overlanding crowd, the Sport Trac would be the winner, I think.