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Hagerty Employee

Review: 2022 BMW M440i Coupe

BMW built its brand on the intangible merits of its small cars. For decades, the company's secret sauce was an ability to imbue ordinary, sensible transportation with a dose of something special: a particular livability and dynamic refinement unequaled by the competition. A sort of quiet strength.
Advanced Driver

It's a good looking car except for the grille. Kinda like a woman I worked with a last summer who looked way better with a mask on. I can't talk though, I look better with a welding hood on lol
Advanced Driver

Lets review. One of the ugliest grills ever, No stick shift & computer generated engine noise. Hmm, what's not to like?
Pit Crew

I thought BMW gave Chris Bangle the boot long ago. The front of that car is simply fugly.

It's a car I would like except for that face and all the other non-BMW things it does. It's fat, it barks with fake noises. It has start/stop tech on it, confusing gauge setup, etc. Other than a nice color I don't know why you would want this car. It's not a car made to the standard of the ultimate driving machine.

Intermediate Driver

I have that start stop crap on my 21’ Countryman. I turn it off.
Intermediate Driver

Why, oh why do any of us need fake engine or exhaust notes pushed into the cabin? Prolly because those people never heard the real thing nor will they ever...
Intermediate Driver

Well that sure is an Edsel of a nose on that thing.
New Driver

My first thought was how garish the grille is and that it looks like BMW is borrowing a styling cue from Edsel.
Intermediate Driver

But let me say…. Honker of a nose or not thank GAWD its not another soul sucking “crossover”. Cars are dying in general, just look at Cadillac and Lincoln.. not a car in sight anymore, but at least BMW still offers more actual cars than SUVS. For now anyway.